Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Weekend recap

If I'm really going to get back into blogging, I might as well start recapping our weekends again ;)

Let's rewind to Friday:

[friday] I had the day off of work, and decided to take the day to myself. In the morning after Brian went to work and Amelia was at the day home, I laid in bed reading and finishing The Mountain Story- really enjoyed it! Once I got myself ready, I headed to CrossIron Mills. I was looking for some fall clothes, but didn't have much luck. After the mall, I went to meet up with the photographers who did our family pictures (will share them soon!) to choose the ones we wanted. The rest of the night was spent hanging out with Amelia and taking Harley for a walk.

[saturday] we had some showings in the afternoon, so I spent the morning cleaning the house. We left around noon and headed to the Southland dog park. The showings were at a terrible time with Amelia's nap, but she ended up falling asleep on our way there. We ended up spending about two hours there throwing the ball for Harley and playing by the river. We had some more time to kill, so we hit up a park before heading home. We got the good news that our house was officially sold later that night! After Amelia went to bed, we watched The Get Down- so good if you haven't seen it!

[sunday] it was a crappy day out weather wise, so we decided to take Amelia to the Southland Leisure Centre to go in the pool/water slides. We were unsure of how she would like wearing a life jacket and going down the slides, but she loved it! We paid for the hour pass ($14 for Brian and myself) and it was worth seeing her face each time! After swimming, we headed home and Amelia ended up having a 3 hour nap! While she was napping, Brian got groceries. We were going to try the click and collect at Superstore, but the website wouldn't load at all- anyone else had that problem? 

[monday] it was nice to have one more day off! Brian went for a bike ride in the morning, so I headed out for a run with Harley and Amelia. We stopped at two parks (necessary for me to get a run in) and then headed home for some lunch. Amelia went down for a nap shortly after that, so Brian and I watched more of The Get Down. The rest of the day was spent hanging out, Skyping with my mom and getting ready for the work week.

How was your weekend?


  1. Welcome back!!! Congrats on selling your house? Have you already found a new one? Can't wait to hear more about this!! Loving all the pics on Facebook!! She is such a cutie!!

  2. That's great that you had a 4 day weekend! I'm glad you got a chance to relax and have some time to yourself on Friday! That's a bummer that you didn't have luck finding fall clothes. I need to start thinking about whether I need to buy any fall clothes. I really should buy another business suit but I hate buying them as I don't enjoy wearing them and they are so dang expensive! :/

    Our long weekend was great. On Friday afternoon we headed up to a lake resort in Northern Minnesota for a friend's wedding weekend. We knew several other couples so it was fun to get away with all of them for a couple of days. We came back on Sunday morning and went to Phil's mom's for the afternoon/evening. I debated staying home since I was coughing a lot but am glad I went as she had modified the recipe she made for dinner so I could eat it. And she was so excited to spend the afternoon/evening with us. I did very little on Monday besides laundry and making dinner. We were hoping to go kayaking or something like that but I wasn't feeling well so I laid on the couch for most of the day and read.

  3. So great that you took Friday to yourself. I need to make a trip to the city to do some shopping. Don't you wish every weekend could be a long weekend??

  4. I missed you!! Anyways, SO exciting about your new house :) I cannot wait until I can take a day for myself and not be needed by a certain baby every few hours lol. I think it is great you take some days to yourself, we all need to do that more.
    Amelia is getting so big!! I really need to see you girls soon :)

  5. Having to get out of the house for showings with a baby/toddler is the worst! So glad that that nonsense is all over with for you guys! I was just trying to register Sully for swimming lessons at Southland actually! Now I want to go and just check out the pool for fun too.

  6. That's so cute that Amelia loved the pool so much! She is getting soo big! Glad you sold your house so you don't have to worry about getting out of the house anymore!



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