Friday, October 28, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Do you have exciting plans for Halloween? We are getting together with our baby group on Sunday. We bought Amelia a monkey costume for $5 off a buy and sell site, so we'll see if she is actually going to wear it. I have a feeling not, but that's okay :)

{one} thank you everyone for your comments on Brian's birthday post. Definitely the best birthday present that he gives me each year. Love that man so much!

{two} my birthday wasn't super exciting (I was in Edmonton for work and got back at 8pm), so we didn't do anything that night. I was definitely spoiled by my family and friends, and of course Brian. I'm a lucky lady!

{three} don't forget to sign up if you haven't already for the Christmas blog swap! Last day to sign up is November 4, 2016. Spread the word!

{four} since I was gone for work Monday to Wednesday, Amelia and Brian got to have lots of time together. I sure missed her though! But being able to sleep alone and without any worries, was pretty darn wonderful! We Facetimed each night though, so I knew they were having fun and she was surviving without me :)

{five} have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I hope that Amelia wears the monkey costume as I'd love to see a picture of her in it! We are having our annual pumpkin carving party this weekend. We usually do it at night but this year we moved it to 4 pm so our friends with kids could participate. It gets dark so early that we should hopefully still be able to get a photo of the pumpkins all lit up. I'm making a couple of kinds of chili and also cornbread so it should be a fun and yummy night!

    That's a bummer that you were traveling on your birthday! That's happened to me before, too. What is your favorite gift you received?

  2. Good luck with the monkey costume! With Swede the challenge is that she doesn't want to wear the hat or hood of any costume, which usually defeats the purpose.
    I'm hoping to do a jack-o-lantern and make pumpkin sugar cookies this weekend.

  3. I totally hope she wears the costume! She is going to look so adorable :)

  4. I hope she wears the costume! Sully won't even let us try his on him this year lol, so ya, I don't have high expectations for trick or treating this year!

  5. Good luck with the monkey suit! I hope she surprises you!! :)



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