Monday, October 3, 2016

Scenes from the weekend

Pretty sure I blinked and this weekend was over! At least next weekend is Thanksgiving and that means having Monday off. Plus turkey. And stuffing! 

{friday} after work, I headed straight to the mall as I was looking for some new shirts for work. I had ZERO luck! Howcome when you want to spend money, you can't find anything. But as soon as you don't want to spend any, you find everything?! I did find a pair of boots from Payless, but not sure I am going to keep them. I wanted another pair, but they didn't have my size. It's no fun having tiny hoof-like feet. After the mall, I picked up sushi for Brian and I, and then headed home.

{saturday} Brian let me sleep in and then made us a pancake breakfast. Best way to start a Saturday! Later in the morning, we went for a family 5km run in the rain, but it ended up being quite nice out. We put Amelia down for a nap around 12:30pm, and then I showered and got ready for Delainey's party. Alison planned another fabulous birthday party! Amelia had a hoot running up and down their hallway with Leo and Easton. It was so funny and cute to watch her playing with the boys. 

Couldn't get a clear picture!

After Amelia was in bed, I cleaned the kitchen floors and prepped some walls to paint the next day. 

{sunday} Brian and Justin went biking in the morning, so Amelia and I spent the morning hanging out at home. I put laundry away while Amelia read books and emptied out drawers- so helpful ;) We also went to Home Depot to get packing tape and then stopped at the park since it was such a nice day out. 

Apparently she only goes down backward now
After lunch, Amelia went down for a good nap (for once!), so I did a workout and then just laid in bed. Once she was up, Brian had gone to get groceries so we went to another park.

And that pretty much sums up our weekend!

Tell me: how was your weekend?  


  1. Love her dress, so cute! You have to paint but you already sold, right?! Boo. Tyler said he never wants paint again...ever. So I was the onestuckpainting our basement floor hahah

  2. Oh, I forgot that you have Thanksgiving so much earlier. I wish that it was sooner in the U.S. as well. It's too close to Christmas as is and makes the season feel a little hectic. Especially now that I have both kids' bdays the same week as TG!
    I remember that emptying out the drawers phase, Haha. I'm sure that's coming soon for Abel too.

  3. I can't believe it's Thanksgiving so soon already!
    I love Amelia's party outfit, such a little cutie.

  4. Looks like such a fun weekend! PS Arianna has that same army green jacket. I got it from a consignment store for 5 bucks lol!

  5. I thought your house was sold? Why do you have to paint? Looks like a lot of fun at the party! Love her little dress!! I feel like thanksgiving has crept up soo soon already!

  6. I went to the mall this weekend and found ONE top. ONE. I think I'm broken ;)


  7. Haha yes - I can never find what I need when I WANT to spend the money! So annoying. And I echo the others - was painting in your contract when you sold the house? (That never occurred to me to ask on text yesterday).

  8. I love her birthday party outfit! She's so cute! Looks like Delainey's party was great. Alison always does such a great job at planning parties! I'm glad you guys got some nice fall weather - it was really nice here, too, so I spent a lot of time outside on Sunday.



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