Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Scenes from the weekend

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Full on turkey and stuffing? I know that I sure am! This Thanksgiving definitely like others weather wise. We had snow all weekend! It honestly felt like Christmas and not Thanksgiving.

On Saturday morning, we packed our bags and the car up, and made the drive to Edmonton. It was snowing on and off, but the highways luckily weren't too bad. We dropped our stuff and Harley off at my in-laws, and headed over to my BIL's house to see our nieces. We ended up hanging out there for the afternoon and having Chinese take out for dinner. Brian and his dad went to the Oilers game that night, so I went back to my in-laws to put Amelia to bed. She had a nap on our drive down, so she ended up falling asleep at 6pm. Gah! I had to wake her up and she was SUPER grumpy, so she went to bed shortly after 7pm. 

Sunday morning it was snowing even harder! It looked like Christmas out. Not cool Mother Nature! I took Harley for a walk in the snow and then we went back over to my BIL's house. The girls played all day and I helped my MIL make dinner. It was a busy, but good day. Seeing Amelia play with her cousins was awesome as they all got along so well. 

It's nearly impossible to get them all to look at once!

Amelia and I slept over at my BIL's as my nieces wanted Amelia to, so after the girls were in bed, we finished cleaning up and I was in bed shortly after that. So tired!

Yesterday morning we had breakfast with the girls and then we packed up and made the drive back home. Amelia had a sleep on the way home, which meant I also fell asleep. We got home around 12:30pm, so we spent the afternoon putting stuff away, getting groceries and doing laundry. 

Tell me: how was your Thanksgiving weekend?


  1. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! It's great that Amelia has other cousins that are around her age that she can play with. I bet it's so fun to see them interact! They are all so cute! I can't believe you guys have snow already, though. It's way too soon for that kind of weather! I really hope we don't get snow until November or December. I'm just not ready to feel so cold!

    Your move must be fast-approaching!!! Remind me when you move! I know it's in November but can't remember what part of the month.

  2. Looks like you had a busy and fun Thanksgiving. Now I'm looking forward to ours but still another month to go. It must be so fun to watch Amelia with her cousins! It always makes me so sad that my kids won't have any cousins.

  3. It definitely felt more like Christmas than Thanksgiving this weekend. Even Liam was asking when Santa was coming. Looks like you guys had a great weekend in Edmonton.

  4. Sounds like you guys had a nice trip! Isn't it fun to watch your kid play with his/her cousins?! I love how much Sully loves his older cousins. We got home later than planned yesterday and I ended up having the best couch nap haha. Never happens!

  5. It must be so fun watching the girls grow up together and play together. They are all going to be the best of friends as they get older!! We spent a ton of time with family this weekend as well and had TWO Thanksgiving dinners on Sunday. I was stuffed so full at the end. Then both Eric and I had to work on Monday (boo!) but we are banking days for some fun upcoming vacations so I can't complain too much.

  6. It totally did feel like Christmas this weekend! Crazy weather ;) So awesome Amelia with her cousins. I cannot wait for Chad's step-sisters kids and our girls grow up together since they literally will go 4-3-2-1 in age!

  7. We finally had a low key weekend and it was perfect!! It totally felt like Christmas all weekend - I actually said that a few times.I am glad your drive wasn't too bad. Dhugal drove home from Edmonton Friday afternoon and he didn't have a very enjoyable drive home.

  8. Boo to snow but yay to family and food! I bet that house was loud with four little ones!

  9. The girls are all so cute together!! :) Glad you had a good weekend away, boo to the snow for sure!



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