Thursday, November 24, 2016

Life lately

Well, I thought November had brought everything before this, but I was wrong! After Amelia got better from her rash, I ended up with the flu and then Brian got it a couple days later. Then this week, Amelia hasn't been her regular self and has been fighting a cold. We also think that she might be getting molars as she woke up last night saying ow out of no where, and there was blood on her crib sheets. She came home with a fever on Tuesday night, so I stayed home with her yesterday. We saw a bit of her happy self last night, so fingers crossed she starts feeling better soon! I'm okay with no more sickness for a while!

In between getting sick, we've been busy packing up as we finally get possession tomorrow! I'm dreading the whole moving process, but can't wait to be settled into our new house.  My mom flies in tonight for a couple of days, so I'm off until Wednesday when she leaves. Between taking days off for sickness and vacation/special leave for moving, I feel like I haven't been at work much lately.

When I was off for two days with the flu, I decided to jump on the band wagon and start watching Gilmore Girls. Pretty sure I slept through a couple of episodes, but onto season two now. Watching so many episodes in a row means I have so many questions about it! Haha. Like why is there always so many people walking around in the town no matter the time?! And why is Rory's room on the main floor?

Just a friendly reminder for those participating in the blog swap- packages are to be mailed out by December 2nd :)

Tell me: what's new with you?


  1. Oh geez, you guys have had some rough luck lately. I hope the move goes smoothly for you.

  2. When it rains, it pours, eh? I felt that way late Oct/early Nov - just a bunch of little health issues that all popped up around the same time, I was starting to think I'd never feel "normal" again! Hope you're all on the mend now.
    I'm watching Scandal right now, but wishing I was doing Gilmore Girls instead with all the hype right now! It's definitely next on my list :)

  3. I hope Amelia is feeling better! Our two are still hacking away with a stuffed/runny nose. Boo.
    I haven't watched Gilmore Girls, it seems like a lot of TV to catch up on and no time!!
    Hope the unpancing is going well.

  4. Yuck to being sick! But YAY to moving and the new house!! :)

  5. Hahaha about Rory's room. I never really thought about it, but yes having a room just off the kitchen is a bit strange isn't it? Also I don't think we've EVER seen the bathroom on that show have we??

    I love Stars Hollow. It is so quirky and hilarious even if it is completely unrealistic.

    I also have been battling a sickness this fall/winter. I first went home sick on September 30 and since then I have taken 4 more sick days!!! It is so frustrating. I want to just get better already. Hope your family all feel better soon! Happy Moving!

  6. I hope Amelia is back to full health. That's awful timing for you guys to be sick with the big move at the same time!!



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