Sunday, November 13, 2016

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! We had a good long weekend- a mix of getting things done, family time and our own time.

{friday} we were both off for Remembrance Day, but didn't have any plans. IN the morning, Brian made us a pancake breakfast and then we went through a bunch of drawers throwing stuff out and packing stuff up. Later in the morning, we dropped stuff off at Value Village and then went to Bowness Park. It was a bit of a chilly morning, but of course Amelia wanted to throw rocks in the river.

After the park, we headed home for lunch and Amelia's nap. Pretty sure not much was accomplished during her nap other than napping myself!

{saturday} Brian and Justin went biking in the morning, so Amelia and I hung out for a bit and then took Harley for a walk. After the walk, we headed to the library to return my books and pick up another one I had on hold. Amelia had fun playing with the toys and books.   

Amelia ended up sleeping for close to three hours, so I hung out, read and had a short nap as Brian didn't get home until close to 3pm. Neither of us felt like cooking dinner, so we headed out to Amici's for some pasta. We don't go out to eat with Amelia a lot, but she was actually really good. Coloured, sat in the high chair and enjoyed her bread and pasta :)

{sunday} not sure what Amelia's problem was, but she was a grump in the morning! Whining for no reason and just not happy at all. Brian ended up taking her to the park while I ran to mall and Costco to pick up a few things. Amelia was sleeping when I got back home, so I took Harley out for a short 4km run. Ever since my last half marathon, I haven't been running much and just haven't had the motivation for it.  One day it will come back :)

Other than that, we did some laundry, some packing and made flat bread pizzas for dinner. 

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. I've definitely went through those phases with running. Sometimes you just don't want to, and it's okay. There's no rule you always have to be training for something.

  2. Maybe this is just your body's way of saying it needs a bit of a break from also do have a lot on your plate right now, what with the whole move! I hate when Sully wakes up already grumpy lol. Not a fun way to start the day!

  3. I always go through that with running! I never plan back to back races since I know there is a good chance I will fall out of it for a good month or more afterwards!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! We love Amici's and it's perfect with the kids. Plus the bread is so good!! There are lots of other workouts to do when you're not feeling like running! Besides packing is a workout! :)

  5. That's awesome that Amelia did so well at dinner. I am sure that made your dinner out a much more enjoyable experience. She looks like such a big girl in that photo of her coloring!

    It's hard to stay motivated to run when you aren't training for something, and we are entering the period of the year when it can be a miserable time to train! You'll find your motivation for running eventually, I have no doubt about that! I'm still working on my return to running and while I am glad I can run longer/further, it's still kind of frustrating because it's taking so long to get back to running. So these days I prefer things like boot camp classes, body pump and spin because I don't feel limited when I do those workouts (for the most part, I do have to modify some things in boot camp).

  6. I don't think I've ever been to Amici's!

    Doesn't it feel good to go through stuff and donate it?

    I've lost my running mojo too- it will come back. Does not help that it is so dark so early :(



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