Tuesday, January 17, 2017

{amelia} : two years old

Dear Amelia,

Today you turn the big 0-2! Crazy that another year has passed us by and you have grown in so many ways. Last year on your birthday, you weren't walking and barely had any teeth. Now you don't stop running, have almost all your teeth (minus the last molars to come in) and don't ever stop talking! This year brought many changes including you starting at the day home, and with time, you have come to love it. No more tears in the morning and you get excited to go. Nothing beats picking you up after work and the door opening you saying momma!

You are my goofball who loves stickers, colouring, reading books, playing with your babies, having tea parties and doing puzzles. You have also started to play hide-n-seek, which entails you hiding in the most obvious places and us pretending we don't see you. It always ends in a fit of laughter from you!

Your babies go with you almost every day to the day home, and on the way home you always tell me that baby is sleeping {and make sleeping noises to go along with it} or that she pooped that day.  You always tell me that baby is cold, so we have to wrap her up and then she goes night night. 

You absolutely love bubbles, which means every bath has to have bubbles in it. Speaking of water- you also love to wash your hands too. You push up the sleeves on your shirt and tell me to "come momma" and grab my hand so we can go in the bathroom. 

You do not like when I take your picture lately and will say "no cheese" to me unless we take a selfie together and make funny faces. Silly girl :)

You are starting to talk way more and say things that we can actually understand. You always tell us that you are stuck (ie: in the car seat) and love to call us mommadadda. Always one word even if it's only one person in the room. You love ask to go up to the sky (meaning throw her in the air- I blame Sam for that one!) and still say thank you quite often.  

You love to be wrapped up in blankets especially after a nap or in the morning. If I ask you if you want to get dressed, you say yes and that you want to wear something "cute", haha. I might tell her that her hat, jacket and boots are cute in the morning to help get us out the door. 

You still absolutely love your bottles (or sippy cups) of milk. That calms you right down if you are melting down before bed time. You still also absolutely love pasta and would live on it if we let you. That and cookies. Always asking for cookies and mom has a rubber arm. You also love: bananas, corn, cheese, yogurt, cous cous, rice.

You are wearing size 2T in most things and size 5 shoes. Still in size 4 diapers during the day and night. 

We absolutely love you Amelia!


Mom & Dad


  1. Birthday wishes to Miss Amelia!!

  2. Haha! Rylie tells us that she's stuck too (in the car seat)
    Happy 2nd birthday sweet girl!

  3. Happy Birthday sweet girl!! She is such a big girl, can't believe she is 2! I hope you have an awesome day together!

  4. aw!! 2 already?? She is just the sweetest! Happy Birthday Amelia!

  5. Happy Birthday Amelia! She is so sweet. Don't you love hide-and-seek?! So funny how they think we can't see them.

  6. How is she already 2?! Happy Birthday, Amelia!

  7. Happy birthday little miss!!

  8. Happy Birthday Amelia! It's been so fun watching you grow up on your mommy's blog :)

  9. When I read this I was like "how is she two?!" Happy Birthday Amelia!!

  10. Two is so much bigger than one! Happy Birthday Amelia!

  11. Happy Birthday, Amelia! You and my sister have kids so close in age, and now #2 for both of you are also going to be close. :)

  12. Happy birthday to sweet Amelia! I love that she is so spunky and funny! I can't believe she is two and will have a brother or sister soon! Crazy! I hope she had a special day yesterday! And happy 2 year so parenting to you and Mr. D!!

    You'll have to start doing posts like Alison does listing out some of the funny things Amelia says. I always love reading those posts!!

  13. I can't believe she's two already! And that I've known you "in real life" for almost two years now! ;) She's grown so much - I feel like it's been ages since we saw her. Happy Birthday, Amelia!

  14. the world is a better place with Amelia, I remember the day she was born... nothing makes that memory fade. she finds joy in everything and reminds me that life is precious and we must laugh each day, looking forward to seeing you again in March,,, colouring, giggling, jumping, hiding you name it I will play it.... love you to the moon and back. happy two



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