Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Amelia's 2nd birthday

Before I talk about her birthday party, let's rewind to her actual birthday on January 17, 2017. I took the day off of work so we could have a special momma and Amelia day. I wasn't sure what we should do, but decided to check out the swimming pool at Vivo. Of course, she wanted nothing to do with actually going in the water. Oh well, we tried. We played with some building blocks they had after we got changed and then she had a complete meltdown leaving. We can't forget that part because she is two after all!

Once she calmed down, we stopped at Tim Horton's for some birthday tim bits and to pick out a doughnut for dessert. It was a beautiful day when we got home, so we played outside with Harley before she had a nap.

We woke her up from her nap to balloons in her crib which she was super unsure about. Five minutes later, she was asking to go back into her crib and absolutely loved the balloons!

Her day of course ended with a sprinkle doughnut!

We had her birthday party this past Saturday, and I think it went pretty well! I decided on an animal theme since Amelia loves animals so much. Tried to keep everything simple, but still fun. I apparently didn't take many pictures of the decorations or guests, so you will have to believe that both were cute ;)

For food, I tried to go with animal theme, so we had:
  • pigs in a blanket- aka hot dogs wrapped up in crescent rolls
  • worms - aka gummy worms
  • animal snackers - aka animal crackers, goldfish and teddy grahams
  • twigs- aka pretzels
  • puppy chow- aka the most delicious thing I've ever had and wish Alison hadn't introduced me to
  • We also had: fruit/veg trays, cheese and crackers, sugar cookies, cupcakes, chicken wings, and meatballs. And of course beer for the dads ;) 
I found a bunch of animal themed colouring sheets on pinterest, so printed those off so the kids could colour which is always a hit. I also ordered animal foam masks from Amazon which were a huge hit with the kids! Wish I would have taken some pictures. For the kids, I had small treat bags with animal crackers, goldfish and teddy grahams with a label that said "please feed the animals! Thank you for coming to my party!"

Thanks for the picture Alison!

I think the best part was how much Amelia hated everyone singing happy birthday to her! Poor girl.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped celebrate Amelia's birthday, and to those that wished her happy birthday!


  1. I love that she hated when they sang Happy Birthday to her - the look on her face is hilarious! Looks like a great time though, either way!

  2. How cute! Love that you even tried to keep the food animal themed.

  3. Oh my gosh, her swimsuit is so cute! You did a great job with the party! Only a two year old would hate everyone singing to them ;)

  4. Everytime I see the pic of her screaming when happy birthday was being sung, it makes me giggle, sorry Amelia!

  5. Her party was awesome! Definitely the best part was the singing! ha Oh the puppy chow!! ha SO good. Looks like she had a great 2nd birthday!

  6. What's Vivo? The party was great! I loved all the thought put into the snacks and decorations. Also, those meatballs were delicious and Jim would like me to get the recipe haha. Thanks again for having us!

  7. The picture of her angry at everyone singing is epic. Such a cute party!

  8. I love the animal theme, So cute! I remember that Swede burst into tears when we sang happy birthday at her 1st bday party, and this year we started to sing while J was holding her but she freaked out and insisted she be sitting down at the table before we sang - Random... Maybe that's how they do it at school?

  9. My kids loved the worms!! I loved the theme and the masks were a huge hit! Leo woke up from his nap asking for his mask! I still can't stop laughing over how mad Amelia was at everyone singing to her!

  10. Love the animal themed party! So cute and fun!

  11. It seems like her hair got long all of a sudden! She looks so grown up! Looks like she had a great birthday and a great party. That theme is perfect. I do love the picture of her freaking out when people were singing to her. Typical for a two-nager.



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