Thursday, January 19, 2017

{baby d 2.0}: nineteen weeks

19 weeks
Feeling: pretty good! Besides the normal tiredness that comes with being pregnant/working full-time/having a toddler. I'd love for my face to stop breaking out and my boobs to stop itching- if that's not asking to much ;)

Also feeling so much movement! The baby was kicking super hard the other night and Brian even got to feel the kicks. Nothing beats that! 

Workouts: a mix of two runs, walks with Harley, and at home workouts from Fitness Blender. Really trying to get back into a good routine. 

Other: so excited to see the baby today and find out the gender! What are your guesses? I have zero feelings either way.  

Find my nineteen week update with Amelia here.


  1. I was thinking of you yesterday and wondering when your scan was! Girl!

  2. Boy! No, Girl! I don't know what I think! I love having a girl and a boy, although Bossy Big Sister syndrome is in full force over here, but I think having two girls would be sweet too.

  3. I'm guessing girl. Can't wait to hear!!

  4. Thinking about you today! I guess boy!

  5. Well I already know what you are having since I saw your facebook post! I think I guessed boy in a previous comment! It will be so much fun to have one of each but of course another girl would have been great, too!

  6. I LOVE baby kicks!!! Mine were never super strong from the outside but they really are the most special feeling. SO excited for you to have a boy! We have clothes for you to borrow!! :)



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