Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Blog Squad workouts: Revive Lifestyle Fitness

Two weekends ago, the blog squad was offered the chance to try a workout class at Revive Lifestyle Fitness.  I had originally said no to going as we had Amelia's birthday party earlier in the day, but was able to get cleaned up so I decided to join in. I had no idea what to expect from the class except that it was similar to Orange Theory Fitness, which I enjoyed. 

Revive is a new fitness studio having opened only three months ago. The studio definitely looks brand new and gorgeous! They did such a fantastic job setting it up. The studio consists of the main workout room, which features spin bikes, rowers, TRX and kettlebells. Before we knew it, Mike had us on the spin bikes. We started off by inputting our weight, age, sex, and activity level to figure out our functional threshold watt (FTW), which figured out your target zones. The zones were: blue (warm up), green (easy), yellow (moderate), and red (all out). We were on the bike for twenty minutes, and Mike had us working through a workout that included taking us into each of the different zones (ie: all out for a minute). There were TV screens in front of the bikes, so we could easily see how much time was left in each zone and what the next zone was going to be. Being almost twenty weeks pregnant at the time, it wasn't long before my heart rate was up there and I was working up a sweat!

The twenty minutes went by super quickly, and then we were off to the rowers. I've done lots of rowing in crossfit, so I know how great of a workout it can be!
After the rowing workout, we were onto the floor for the strength portion of the workout which included TRX moves (I couldn't do all of them due to being pregnant) and kettlebells. They have a board which shows you the strength portion of the class - and it changes every day.  

Photo courtesy of: Laura

Pretty sure we all thought were done after the last rowing section, but Mike had another surprise for us. A partner challenge! The partner challenge had one partner rowing 500ms while the other partner did 10 burpees and then held a plank until the other partner finished rowing. Once you both completed the 500m row, you then moved onto 400ms. It was tough! 

Overall, I loved the workout! It wasn't just 40-60 minutes of one thing, but instead gave you a full body workout. 

What you need to know


Location: 2503 14th Street SW
To bring: water, comfortable workout clothes, workout shoes

Thanks again to Mike and Revive Lifestyle Fitness for having us!


  1. Glad you joined last minute! I agree, it was a great workout with lots of variety!

  2. I'm so happy you were able to make it for the class!

  3. That sounds like an awesome workout! So fun! I haven't tried a class like that but would like to eventually. My Y has bikes like what you were on, though, which I really like.



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