Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas break 2016: part one

Happy new years everyone! Excited to be back at work? I'm not super stoked, but can't complain too much as I'm off on Friday. 

Let's rewind back to December 21st- it was my last day of work and Brian had gone up to Edmonton to take Harley to his parent's (they were watching him while we went away). I got home that night and decided to look at my passport. Guess what? It expired in November!! Cue a MAJOR freak out on my part. I called Brian crying and realized I needed to go get a new picture asap if I had any hope of getting it the next day. I made a couple calls and a friend came over to sign my paperwork. I was luckily off work the next day, so I dropped Amelia off at the dayhome just after 7am and rushed down to the passport office. It luckily wasn't too busy, and after paying an extra fee, I had my passport that afternoon by 3pm (you can get it the same day if you can prove that you are traveling the next day). So much stress, but glad it all worked out. I just recommend looking at your passport earlier than a day before you leave on a trip ;)

We left on the 23rd and had a 9am direct flight, so we were out of the house by 5:30am. No line ups to drop off our bags, but the line for security was HUGE! Luckily, they put us in the family line and we were through within 20 minutes. We ended up having lots of time to kill, so we let Amelia run free in the kids area. She did fairly well on our flight and we landed in San Diego around 12pm. 

My mom, brother and his gf had gotten to SD three days before that, so they picked us up at the airport.  We headed back to the house we rented (we rented this house and it was perfect for the 6 of us. Great location, had everything we needed). Amelia went down for a nap, and my mom said she would stay with her, so Brian, Riley, Sam and I headed to check out Ocean Beach and grab some food. 

The next day was super windy and pretty cold, so we took a quick trip to La Jolla cove to see the sea lions. The wind was insane, so we didn't stay super long. 

After that, we went to check out the aquarium since we wanted something to do inside. It ended up being a disappointment and wouldn't recommend others spending the money to go there!

Christmas morning was spent making breakfast at home and letting Amelia open a couple gifts that we had all brought.

The weather ended up being pretty nice, so we headed out to Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve for a short hike and playing on the beach. 

We made a delicious dinner of ham and the fixings at the house, and had a relaxing evening hanging out. No fuss, or stress. Perfection!


  1. Love all the photos from your trip! And jealous you escaped the cold!
    I swear I look at passports 20x before a trip I'm always panicked before a trip over things like that lol

  2. Wow - So glad you were able to get your passport in time - I would have freaked out!
    I'm from San Diego so I love seeing all these photos. Torrey Pines is so cool, but I agree that the aquarium is such a dud, You'd think a coastal city like SD would have a great aquarium but not so much.

  3. I can't believe you didn't know your passport was expired. Good thing you checked the day before. Eek!
    Your pictures looked amazing, I'm glad you had a good time.

  4. OMG, that passport thing sounds awful. I am so glad you could get a new one so quickly. I don't know that that is possible here in the US! Yikes. Mine is good until 2023 so I've got quite a bit of time left to use it, luckily! Although I will probably need to get it changed after we get married as I'll be changing my name...

    I think getting away at Christmas sounds like such a good idea. I don't think I could talk my family into doing it as they love being at the lake cabin for Christmas. Phil and I are thinking about going to San Diego in February so I'm especially interested in these posts so I can come up with things for us to do!

  5. Holy smokes! I'm so glad you managed to get a new passport in time. That's crazy!

    I really want to take Liam to San Diego someday in the next couple years. Looking forward to hearing more about your time there!

  6. What a fun Christmas trip! I would love to go to SD! I'm still kicking myself for not going with J last year when he went for a work conference!

    OMG I would have died if I realized my passport was expired that close to traveling! So glad that you are able to renew it quickly though.

  7. I'm so glad you figured out the passport thing before you got to the airport!
    As soon as I'm back from my trip in 2 weeks, I'll get renewing since mine expires in March.

    What an awesome way to spend Christmas!

  8. Oh my gosh that is crazy about your passport. THANK GOD you live in a big centre where you can get it in one day like that. That is not the case in anywhere other than big cities! Actually we sent in Eric's passport application at the end of November and I was nervous it might not make it for our trip but it did, with only a few days to spare!

    I have a trip scare story too. The Sunday before we were supposed to leave for Kauai I downloaded the westjet app on my phone to look at our flights and see it's saying we're booked to LEAVE Dec 29 and RETURN 24 hours later on Dec 30. Wtf? That can't be right! So I go in my email and sure enough that is our booking!!!!!! How I didn't notice earlier I really don't know. The times were right and we were supposed to come home on Dec 29 (arriving in Canada the morning of the 30th) so I guess I just glanced at it once after booking and didn't look again. Cue a frantic call to Westjet SOBBING as we were supposed to leave in 4 days and Eric was already in Vancouver. Luckily since I used points to book this flight I had booked it over the phone and they had a recording showing it was the Westjet agent who made the mistake in booking, and luckily there were still seats on the Dec 22 flight, so they got us all rebooked on the flights we were supposed to be on. It was VERY stressful though!!! So I too will never not double check all my travel documents etc well before the trip again!!

    Anyways, looks like you guys had an amazing time. Isn't going away for Christmas nice? It was so so wonderful to skip all the Christmas "hoopla" this year!

  9. Oh man, still chuckling about the passport mishap ;) Same thing happened to my sister the day before we were all going to Mexico. She had one day to go get her passport but that was a holiday Monday (family day) and I was convinced the passport offices would be closed. Thankfully, that's one holiday they aren't closed (not a stat). Phew! I couldn't even sleep the night before. We've never told my dad about that hahaha, he would not be impressed!

    That's too bad about the Aquarium! What made it a bust? Your pictures are awesome though! I would love to go to SD one day.

  10. I would have died when I noticed my passport was expiring that soon!! I know I had to rush mine before my brothers wedding and I was sobbing thinking I would miss his weddings! ha I think it's worse cause we were pregnant! ha
    Looks like such an awesome trip and so beautiful. Way better than this snow!!



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