Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas break 2016: part two

Find part one here

The next day we decided to go check out Old Town. Not really sure what I was expecting, but that wasn't it. We walked around for a bit and decided to head out. We ended up down by the water front, where Amelia saw a water fountain and freaked out when we didn't go to it. Back we went! We managed to get her away from it for a bit, so we walked down to the naval ship that you could tour {we didn't go on as it was insanely busy} and I wanted to see the famous kissing statue.

The next day we decided to all split up. My mom ended up staying at the house as she caught a really bad cold and was feeling awful. My brother and his gf dropped Brian, Amelia and I off at the zoo right as it opened which ended up being perfect timely. It wasn't insane when we first got there, but definitely was when we left around 12:30pm! The line up just to get into the parking lot was crazy!

The zoo definitely isn't a cheap thing to do {$50/US per adult}, but we knew that was the one thing we really wanted to do with Amelia. After touring the zoo, we can see why it costs so much. It's huge and so well kept! I don't think we saw a single piece of garbage and lots of volunteers there helping to direct you if you got lost.  

While we were at the zoo, Riley and Sam went to Balboa Park and said it was pretty neat. Busy though!

That afternoon, my mom said she would watch Amelia if she got up early from her nap {she ended up napping for almost 3 hours!}, so we headed out to go stand up paddle boarding with Ry and Sam. It was $60 to rent the boards for two people for two hours and it was so much fun {we rented from here in La Jolla}! We didn't get any pictures as we didn't take a phone with us, but definitely a highlight. The best part was laughing so hard at Brian who just couldn't keep his balance!

On our second to last day, the rest of the gang decided to rent motorcycles for the day for an adventure, which left Amelia and I. I dropped them off at the rental place, which was downtown so I decided to take Amelia to The New Children's Museum. It wasn't the cheapest to go to ($24 US for the two of us), but it was a lot of fun! It wasn't a huge place, but Amelia had lots of fun trying all of the different things. Her favourite was the beans/puff balls and the bubbles outside :)

When we got back, Amelia went down for a nap and I sat outside enjoying the sunshine. They didn't get back until 4pm from the ride, so we had an easy dinner at the house and just hung out.

On our last and final day, the sun was shining so we decided to go check out Mission Beach which was super close to our house. Amelia loved the sand and maybe not the cold water so much ;)

Overall, we had a great trip to San Diego. It was great being able to spend time with my family and not have the fuss of Christmas. We would definitely go back in a heart beat!


  1. Did you miss the snow at Christmas? I think I would! I've never travelled at Christmas before though.

  2. I can't believe how expensive the zoo is! But I've heard nothing about good things about it.

  3. The zoo and the children's museum look like fun! I also think I would miss the snow at Christmas but the heat might make up for it;)

  4. This looks like so much fun. San Diego seems like a pretty good family place. A lot of the places you've mentioned I've read about from reading the Fitnessista's blog since they have lived there the last few years.

    My parents absolutely loved the San Diego Zoo. I think they did some other experiences there where they got to feed animals which is pretty cool. Liam has a photo collage of animals from the zoo that my mom took in his room. I can't wait to take him!

  5. I went to the SD zoo when I was a kid, and I'd love to go back. I recall it being one of the better ones with so much to see.

  6. Haha, Yes - Old Town is not the greatest either! But I LOVE the SD Zoo! And SUP is so much fun. It looks like you had good weather too! January is usually surprisingly nice there. June is the worst month weather-wise I think. We are going to La Jolla for a beach vacation in August - I can't wait!

  7. It looks so nice there! We need a family vacation soon!

  8. Looks so beautiful! So glad you guys had such an amazing time. We were supposed to go to Hawaii with a bunch of family this year but everyone bailed due to cost / work etc. I'm so glad Eric and I still went though as we had an amazing time. I would love to get more of my family on board with going away for Christmas because it was such a great way to spend the holiday. Though I admit I did miss a little bit of the "festivity of the season" since we didn't put up a tree or any decorations at home.

  9. Dang the zoo is expensive! But I have heard amazing things about it. I will have to look into going there if we end up going to San Diego in February. Your getaway sounds perfect. I would love to do something like that for Christmas. I love the holiday but there is something so relaxing about getting away to a sunny place and avoid all the craziness of the holiday!!

  10. So glad you guys had a great trip! We spent a Christmas in Florida a few years ago, and it was really nice to get away. I didn't miss the snow at all! We're thinking next year we may go to florida for Xmas again.

    I can't believe how expensive the zoo is!! But good to know it's worth it. The children's museum sounds fun too! Does your mom know how to ride a motorbike too? Or was she just a passenger?

  11. mom - now grandmaJanuary 09, 2017 12:02 PM

    I loved every minute with you guys - it was the best Christmas gift of all - no fuss no muss being with family
    loved hanging with Amelia - she is so much fun loved riding motorcycles could have done that all week -
    best of all is the family time. priceless
    love love loved it

  12. Such awesome family time. That is a pricey zoo but even ours is expensive!!



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