Friday, January 6, 2017

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I'm off today with no major plans. I'll probably run some errands for Amelia's birthday party, walk Harley and otherwise enjoy a day to myself :)

(one) here are the meals we had this week:

Monday: lime shrimp dragon noodles- they were pretty darn tasty! We added mushrooms and cut the sriracha in half and it was still spicy. Next time we'd add more veggies and another package of ramen noodles. 

Tuesday: beef satay, veggies and coconut rice

Wednesday: blt chopped salad with corn, feta and avocado.  We added chicken and marinated it with this recipe

Thursday: chicken and avocado parm with spaghetti and caesar salad

(two) I'm in a reading slump- meaning I have no idea what to read. What have you been reading lately? I read The Couple Next Door and Maybe In Another Life while we were away. Both were pretty good. 

(three) when we were heading home from the airport on the 30th, we stopped at Freshii for a salad as we had eaten a lot of bad food over the week. Both salads we got were super delicious! We didn't have left overs for lunch today, so we both had to get something. Funny enough, without talking to each other, we both went to Freshii again. It's so good. Way better than Chopped Leaf! And no, I wasn't paid to say that. I just love it that much. 

(four) let's keep going with the food theme I apparently have going on today. I brought home a container of fruit I bought for my snack at work, and Amelia saw it. She wanted some and I thought no way she would have any of it. She sure proved me wrong by demolishing a bunch of blueberries and blackberries. Learn something new about her every day :)

(five) have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hope you have a good day off. I am at work but really looking forward to going for a massage at 1:15. No plans for us this weekend, taking it easy. Have a good one!

  2. Omg I'm definitely trying those recipes for the shrimp dragon noodles and the beef satay! I'm also in a reading slump. I'm obsessed with the Janet Evanovich - Stephanie Plum series but I'm waiting on book 22 to be available anywhere lol so I might have to start reading something else until then.

  3. I really like Chopped Leaf, but I've never tried Freshii

    I'm currently reading a parenting book. Womp. I really want to read Anna Kendrick's book and I need to get my hands on a copy of Maybe in Another Life.

  4. I've been to a Freshii in Vancouver once, way back in May last year, and I'm still obsessing over how good it was! We only have Chopped Leaf here :(

    Right now I'm reading China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan, the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians. They're both silly, easy reads, but I'm enjoying it!

  5. I'm kind of in a reading slump too. I've heard the Nest is pretty good. I am a huge Lindsey Kelk fan and she had a new book come out this week so I'm going to grab that next. Her books are more chick lit fun like Sophie Kinsella.

  6. Totally stealing some recipes. Or do you just want to be my personal chef. I am hating cooking lately. :( Boo. I need to try Freshii and Chopped Leaf. Both kids are obsessed with all berries!

  7. I know I have said this before but I am so impressed with how many meals you make each week! I am lucky if I make 2 real meals! But then again, I do all the cooking whereas I think Brian helps/does some of it. So maybe we'd make more recipes if Phil cooked. We live on leftovers it seems!

    We have a Freshii here, too. It's good but there are so many good salad places. They are just so expensive here, though. Not sure if that is the case for you too? But I get why the salads are pricey as it's a lot of manual labor. But it's a great place to eat if you want something light and healthy! I will likely be getting salads for lunch later this week when I return from my work trip as I need something healthy to eat but have not been home enough to do any meal prep lately.



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