Friday, January 13, 2017

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone! How was your week? Mine wasn't too bad- work was a bit slow, which makes the days go by slowly.

{one} Brian ordered something from Best Buy over Christmas and accidentally forgot to change our address. We have the mail forwarding, but it doesn't apply to parcels apparently. We had our realtor contact the new ones realtor as Canada Post shows it as being delivered to the bank of mail boxes. They told our realtor that they didn't receive anything. We even went to the post office to see if it happened to be there, but no suck luck. What the heck do we do now? Think we are shit out of luck?

{two} meals from this week:

Sunday: chilli and cornbread
Monday:  avocado, bacon and turkey paninis and a salad
Tuesday: portobello penne pasta casserole {this was so good, but so rich! Definitely a once in a while dish}
Wednesday: greek turkey meatballs in a pita
Thursday: quiche 

{three} I asked this on Twitter, but what are your thoughts on the use of lots of gifs in blog posts? 

{four} I've started running again and oh man, I'm slow and out of shape! ;) Well, I guess pregnant too, haha. It's feeling good to be running again even if it's once a week. 

{five} have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I feel like they must've got the package, usually Canada Post is good about saying if it's delivered etc. Hmmm... That's a tough one!
    Yay for running again!I loved running when I was pregnant as I just enjoyed it, no distance or time pressures :)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I have had something say delivered to our apartment mailbox and it doesn't show up until a day later.

  3. I saw your tweet as soon as I had written my post yesterday - FULL of gifs haha! I like to keep it to a minimum, as I think photos are better, but gifs sometimes fit the moment of humour. All of those meals sound really good - and now I'm craving a good quiche!! Have a great weekend!

  4. I feel like I rarely see posts with gifs in them... So I'm kind of ambivalent about them. I do receive gifs in text at times and they can be a funny way to express an emotion.

    That sucks about the best buy package. :/ I've moved so many times that I've had things delivered to the wrong address before. Luckily my old addresses are all condo buildings so they typically reject the package since I don't live there. I hope you can track it down!

  5. I feel like they got the package for sure! If Canada Post says it was delivered! I would have the realtor inquire again or stop by in person! What was it?
    Glad you are back running! :)

  6. That is annoying about the package! We forwarded our mail when we moved north too and all the packages we received forwarded, so that is really strange. Though Canada Post was sooo slammed over the holidays I know a few things got lost / missed. My December Frock Box never did come in because it got stuck in Ontario!

  7. I'm not a fan of the posts with gifs in them. Annoying to me.

    Yeah, I didn't send an updated address email or anything to friends and family, so I can tell we didn't receive a LOT of holiday cards we usually get because they likely sent them to our old address. Oops! Hopefully, they got ours and have since updated their address books. :) Good luck with the package. You should contact Best Buy.

    Good for you for starting up running again. Not easy to do while pregnant!

  8. Costco once sent something to a different address and after calling the carrier who confirmed it was delivered (but to wrong place) we contacted Costco and they simply sent another. BUT- we lucked out and located what address the original pacakage was sent to and then had two items!

  9. That's super annoying about the package! I'd ask again and still nothing then file a claim with Canada Post or even your credit card? I had that happen to a package for my mom- she has all her R+F sent to my house and I forgot to change the address on her account. I could have sworn that I did but I guess I was changing so many things that I didn't actually do it. I managed to contact Fedex before they delivered the item but then they wanted wanted her/me to pick it up at the outlet near the airport. I managed to convince them to deliver it to my new address the next day. Obviously this is different than having it say it was delivered already.

    I don't mind the occasionally gif but I've had a few blogs not load properly for me because they are so bogged down with gifs.



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