Monday, January 9, 2017

Scenes from the weekend

{friday} I had the day off, and had made zero plans except for taking Amelia to the day home. After her and Brian left in the morning, I hung out watching tv, doing some laundry and being lazy. I left mid morning to run some errands and got back just after lunch. A quick nap may have been taken on the couch before I got the motivation to take Harley for a walk. Brian had gone for a bike ride, so I picked Amelia up and we made some mini pizzas for dinner and then hung out and played. 

going night night with Harley
{saturday} we were invited to a play place for one of the boys from our baby groups birthday, so we headed out around 9:30am. Amelia had a fun time playing and it was great catching up with everyone from our baby group. Minus the epic meltdown Amelia threw when leaving and that continued in the car, it was a fun time :) We got home to have some lunch and put Amelia down for a nap (she ended up sleeping for 3 hours!).  I pretty much did nothing except take a short nap while Amelia did and it was fabulous. 

I did get the motivation and did a 21 day fix workout and then we got Vietnamese take out for dinner. There goes my workout, haha. Once Amelia was in bed, I did some crafting for her upcoming birthday party.

she always wants a headband too when I put one on to workout
{sunday} ever have one of those mornings where you wake up in a foul mood for no reason? That was me. I spent the morning vacuuming, cleaning up our closet and taking out clothes that I can't wear right now. Man, does my closet look empty now!!  Brian went to get groceries, so Amelia and I hung out watching a movie and doing a workout. Let's see, what else? When she had a nap, I took Harley for a short and freezing cold run! After that, Brian made chilli for dinner while I made corn bread muffins and banana muffins. Both were new recipes and turned out delicious!

And, there goes another weekend. How was yours?


  1. Sounds like a pretty decent weekend aside from the meltdown. Your muffins look super yummy.
    I can't believe Amelia's birthday is coming up already!!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend minus the meltdown. Those are no fun. All your baking looks delicious. I need to get backing. I love that photos of Amelia and the headband!

  3. I had a very quiet inside weekend as well, it was so cold here! I grocery shopped, meal prepped and spent a lot of time on the couch reading and watching netflix.

  4. Harley and Amelia looked very cute laying there!

    Oh don't you love the epic public meltdowns?? My favourite is when they are screaming so much you can't get them buckled into the carseat...

  5. I just signed up for beach body on demand at the end of December so plan on doing the 21 day fix program after I finish Core de Force. It's been so nice to have workouts that dont' require me to leave our house and are easy to do while traveling!

    I love that picture of Amelia laying next to Harley. Looks like they are best buds!



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