Tuesday, February 28, 2017

{baby d 2.0}: twenty four and twenty five weeks

Twenty four weeks

Twenty five weeks

Feeling: overall, still pretty good and no major complaints. Feeling much better after last week. Heartburn is still out of control and I just finished my first bottle of Tums last night. 

Workouts: I was doing really well with working out until I got sick last week. Before that, it was lots of walks and then workouts at home. Some days it feels good and other days depending on how he is positioned, it doesn't feel great. Aka if he's sitting low which makes me have to pee three times during one workout. 

The baby is the size of:

  • had my next check up at the maternity clinic last week, and the belly was measuring as should. His heart rate was in the 120's this time. Otherwise, everything else was good.
  • scheduled my glucose test for next week
  • I was looking at the calendar to try and plan another trip to Ontario before I can't fly, and realized I only have about three months of work left. That's crazy! 
  • Twenty four week and twenty five week update with Amelia 


  1. Lookin' good mama! Crazy only 3 months to go, time flies with the second pregnancy I swear! I hope the heart burn subsides.

  2. Wow, a prairie dog is a random comparison for the size of the baby. Lol. I'm used to seeing fruit used as the comparison. That is funny!

    I hope the heart burn gets better. I think Lauren struggled with it as well so you should email her to see what she did. I want to say there was some natural herb or something that she used to help with it? I could be making that up!

    Crazy that you only have 3 months left of work! Your due date is close to our wedding date, I think, so I'm also having some panicky moments thinking about fast the next 3 months are going to go and how much I have to get done!! But also excitement, of course!

  3. I love your leopard sweater. Crazy that there's only 3 months of work left. That's going to fly!

  4. You look great! :-)
    It's crazy how fast the 2nd pregnancy goes by. Although at the same time maybe it goes slower because everything isn't new and exciting.
    I hope the glucose test goes well.

  5. Doesn't the second pregnancy go so much faster than the first?! You're doing really well with getting weekly bump photos! I sucked at that lol. I love that leopard sweater too!

  6. You look good!! Crazy how much heartburn you have!! Your belly seems so tiny compared to my giant one!! :)

    3 months of work is going to fly by! Have you decided your last day? I still need to figure that out...



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