Tuesday, February 14, 2017

{baby d 2.0}: twenty three weeks

23 weeks

This week's post will be a bit of a catch up post since I haven't posted a weekly pregnancy recap since twenty weeks

Feeling: overall, still pretty good. My lower back started hurting around twenty one weeks, which was oddly the same with Amelia. Still lots of heartburn, but the headaches have decreased which is nice. I can definitely feel it in my hips/groin if I overdo it with walking or exercising.

There was a week where I was super tired and I was either in bed or falling asleep on the couch by 9pm.

I will admit that I am struggling with my pregnant body this time- between my boobs, butt and face, they are all expanding pretty rapidly. I know it's only for a period of time, but still hard. 

22 weeks

Workouts: lots of walks either with Harley or at lunch, and then I am either doing workouts from Fitness Blender or 21 day fix with modifications.

Other: this baby is a wiggle worm some days! On the weekend, I was sitting on the couch and he moved so much that you could see my belly move. Pretty cool! 

22 weeks

Not going so well in the name department- we've got super short list, but are finding that boy names are hard. 

Made our first baby related purchase- bought a new to us City Select stroller that came with the two seats. I knew I wanted a double stroller if I was going to be going out with both kids as I wasn't a huge fan of baby wearing with Amelia. Also because Amelia likes to have tantrums and run away from me, so I knew I can't wrangle her plus a stroller :) I was having trouble finding the car seat adapter I needed for the stroller, but found one on a buy and sell group and Brie kindly picked it up for me since it was near her. 


  1. You look great as usual :) Glad you got a double stroller! I never had one but we had the Chariot I used for walks and Avery refused to sit in a stroller usually (well that is until it was a competition for her lol). If I have another I might get one though!
    I hear you on boys names, if C was a boy we had NO idea of names!

  2. Glad you found a stroller you wanted. Names are so hard!! You'll find the perfect one. You look great, everything expanding is definitely hard, you look great though and before you know it you'll miss that baby belly.

  3. Belly is popping a bit more! You look fantastic! Seriously, why do our faces have to change?

    Boy names are impossible.

    Double strollers are a must I think! Audrey STILL wants to ride in the stroller at almost 5!! I would never have left my house alone without one. Weird that you couldn't find the car seat adapter though- what carseat do you have?

  4. You are looking amazing!
    Yay for the city select! And so awesome that you got the right seat adapter - it's weird how they discontinue compatibility with certain brands (stroller/car seat company politics?!).
    I highly recommend getting a child snack tray or two to go with it. We were just introduced to one at Christmas (they are like $40 new so we never even thought to get one) but oh my are they ever worth it! My favourite thing about it is that you can just plunk the toddler in their seat without really having to worry about buckling them up (kinda like a restraint bar? maybe? sort of?).

  5. I think you look wonderful but I can understand how it's hard to handle all the changes your body goes through during pregnancy! I think boy names are tougher, too. I feel like I have a number of girl names I love but nothing I feel all that strongly about when it comes to boy names (not that this is something I need to be thinking about as pregnancy is still far off for me!).

  6. Oh man, trying to keep track of one when they are defiant, cranky, crazy, etc. is hard enough. Just trying to picture how people do it with two sounds comical, although I know it's done all the time. I guess trying to have a lot of patience and less expectation seems like it would be important for me. You look great! Our boy list was pretty short and our girl list was long, so I was kind of relieved it was a boy because it made the selection a bit easier. :) Otherwise, we might not have left the hospital with a name!

  7. Aww you look so great, my friend! But I know, the changes are hard sometimes, but you'll be having this baby before you know it. Also, I kinda like that there's someone else in the big boob club with me right now ;) ;)



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