Monday, February 27, 2017

Life Lately

Oh man, I didn't mean to take a blogging break, but last week was not good for me. I ended up not feeling well from Tuesday to Thursday, so I basically spent each day in bed either napping or watching Gilmore Girls. I barely ate those days, so I was feeling super tired and low energy. Luckily, it passed and I went back to work on Friday. 

Let's rewind to two weekends ago: I was off on Friday and it was teacher's convention for Brian, so we went to get ramen for lunch. It was a bit of a wait this time, but so good and so worth it! That night, I picked my cousin up from the airport who had a layover until the next day when she was returning from Mexico. I haven't seen her for a while, so it was nice to catch up even for a short time! In the afternoon, Brian's brother, his wife and three kids came into town. They hung out at our house for the afternoon which was nice to spend time with them.

The next day, we met them at the Science Centre since the weather was crappy (or else we would have gone to the zoo). All of the girls had fun and it was nice to see them. Monday was family day and we didn't do too much- pretty much hung out around the house and did the normal weekend things. 

In the afternoon, Amelia and I went to Audrey and Leo's birthday party. I wasn't sure how it was going to go as she had a super short nap, but she had fun and the only tears were due to a balloon that went off into the sky when we were leaving. 

 Okay, now that you are all caught up, let's talk about this weekend. 

{friday} I went back to work that day, so we had a pretty quiet night at home. Brian had taken Harley for a ride in the coulee when we got home, so we hung out and practised sitting on the potty ;)

{saturday} we had a quiet start to the day as Brian and Justin went for a bike ride in the later morning. Amelia and I headed out shortly after that to make our way down south for Sully's birthday party. She ended up falling asleep half way there, so we were a little delayed going into the party. We had a great time at Sully's dinasour party- thanks for having us, Brie!

When we got home in the afternoon, I took Harley for a walk and then went to pick us up some take out as neither of us felt like cooking. 

{sunday} it was snowy and cold out, so we had a quiet morning at home. I got a bit of motivation and decided to make cookies with Amelia. She didn't quite get the waiting for them to bake concept, but I think she had fun :)

I also finally decided to tackle our pantry- it was pretty messy as stuff just got put in there wherever when we moved. Feels much better to have it finally organized!

In the afternoon, I headed out to check out Tara (Top Knot Mommy's) event that she was putting on with Alison and her mom. It was a fun afternoon of a workout, yoga and treats. You should definitely check out the next one!

Tell me: how is your weekend?


  1. So glad you are feeling better!! Oh no she lost her balloon!!! :( SO sad. Poor girl. Glad we got to hangout yesterday and enjoy some birthday party fun.

  2. That's great that Amelia gets along so well with her cousins! I bet it was fun to watch them play together. I love seeing my nieces and nephews interacting! Reminds me of my childhood as I spent so much time with my cousins, especially during the summer when we were at the lake.

    I am envious of your big pantry! We have a pantry but the shelves are super deep so it's not great for food and instead I use it to store serving platters and such. I hope we have a pantry in our next house, though!! I did organize our food cupboard in January, though, and it felt so good to get it organized!

  3. Bummer about being sick. Glad you're feeling better and had a great weekend!

  4. Thanks again for coming to the party! That's great that you got out to that TopKnotMommy event! I really wanted to go but knew I wouldn't have been able to with my friend and her kids staying the night after the party. But next one for sure!

  5. That sucks you were sick for such a long stretch! Glad you're feeling better now. Doesn't organizing the pantry feel good? I did that a few weeks ago, I couldn't believe how messy it had gotten!

  6. We could have given you another balloon ;) We had no shortage of them!

    Glad you are feeling better.

    My pantry needs another reorganization! We need to stop shopping at Costco- those big boxes take up so much room.



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