Monday, February 6, 2017

Scenes from the weekend + Brie's baby shower

Happy Monday everyone! We had a good weekend even though we got a huge dump of snow. And more to come over the next day or so. 

{friday} Brian was playing squash after school with co-workers, so it was just Amelia and I for a while. We had dinner and hung out while I did a workout. Once Amelia was in bed, I made some cookie dough and did some other prep for Brie's shower on Sunday.

{saturday} we were both wide awake before 7am (I had a terrible sleep that night), so I got started on making cookies before Amelia woke up. In the later morning, Brian went to get groceries while Amelia and I went to the library to pick up some books. After the library, we stopped at Tim Horton's for two Tim Bits. Let's just say that someone was very upset that hers were gone and mom wasn't buying anymore ;)

She went down for a much needed 3 hour nap, so I had one myself and then took Harley for a walk. We didn't do much the rest of the day- just hung out and picked up take out for dinner.

{sunday} baby shower day! I spent the morning getting the house and food ready for the shower. Brian was kind of enough to entertain Amelia and then take her to the mall to get out of the house while I got ready. The weather wasn't the greatest, so we had some people cancel coming, but I think it still turned out great!

If you know Brie at all, you know that she loves reading. I decided to go with a book theme for the shower, which was made super easy thanks to Pinterest! For the food, we had:

Meatballs- cloudy with a chance of meatballs
Quiche- green eggs and ham
Caramel corn- hop on pop
Muffins- if you give a moose a muffin (thanks again Alison!)
Cookies- if you give a mouse a cookie
Veggies- the tale of peter rabbit
Fruit skewers- the hungry caterpillar
Goldfish and blue whales candy- one fish, two fish, etc

Thanks for your help Alison and Nicole! And to everyone that was able to come today :) 

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. I wish I could have came to see you ladies and Emmy! You did a great job on the shower :)

  2. Aw, that is the cutest shower theme! Love all the clever food ideas you came up with that were related to popular books. What a fun celebration! As you know, I'm a lover of books so this kind of theme is right up my alley! I don't know much about the details of my wedding showers, but I am pretty sure the one my college friends are hosting will be book themed!

    I can't get over how big Amelia is getting. Her hair also looks like it is getting darker! I'm glad she took a long 3 hour nap for you so you could lay down as well. How are you feeling?

  3. The shower turned out so great. I'm so bummed about the weather. We ended up having a quiet day at home. Liam had said his tummy didn't feel good but it didn't amount to anything thank goodness.

  4. Such a great idea doing the book-themed baby shower! And seems like a nice idea to do the shower for a 2nd baby after the baby is here so it doubles as a meet-the-baby event.

  5. I'm not happy when I eat all my Tim bits either!!

    I love the books shower theme! Very creative! You did a great job with the food and planning! I need (well I don't) that chocolate chip recipe!!

  6. Aww thank you again for the wonderful shower! I'm still blown away by all the details you put into it (especially the food). I'm also just realizing that I never tried one of those muffins!! How did that happen?!

    Haha, Sully never believes me when I say the Timbits are all gone and demands to see the empty box. He also won't any of the ones that aren't round (like the new churro ones they have). Silly kid.

    Thanks again for yesterday, friend! xoxoxo

  7. Thank you for hosting and putting together a lovely afternoon for all of us!

  8. Such a great theme for Brie's shower. So many yummy treats too!

  9. That is SUCH a cute shower theme, I love it!! Great job :)



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