Friday, February 10, 2017

This and that

A little bit of randomness coming at you today.
  • remember when I talked about how a parcel of ours went missing from our old house? I have no idea where the communication break down was, but Brian ended up going over there (we had the city assessment that was sent to us for them). Turns out they had our parcel plus a bunch of other mail for us. We had left them one of our cell phone numbers, but it apparently didn't work for them. Oh well, glad they had everything for us!
  • I had my first labour and delivery dream last week- and it was a weird one! 
  • I mentioned this on Twitter, but please for the love of god don't record an IG story right after you eat. I hate when people move those random bits of food left in their mouth around with their tongue while talking. Grosses me out! And no stories while you/someone is eating. Maybe that's just me as I HATE the sound of people eating. 
  • I also mentioned this on Twitter, but are podcasts the new blogs? Feels like lots of the bloggers are starting their own podcasts. 
  • here are some recent meals we've had:
We don't have much planned for the weekend- Harley has a vet appointment on Saturday and then Brian is going biking on Sunday. I kind of want to do a fun craft with for Valentine's with Amelia, but we'll see how co-operative she is ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!   


  1. Glad you got the parcel and other things!
    haha - you are too funny!! I rarely watch IG stories so have not noticed it (though I watch a few peoples - yours included because I love watching Amelia!).
    Our crafts this weekend will be cutting out hearts and using Valentine's stickers on them ;)

  2. I hope that podcasts aren't the new blog... I almost never watch IG stories or watch vlogs or listen to podcasts, I guess I just like reading best!
    L&D dreams are SO weird!!!
    I'm planning to make Valentine cookies with Swede this weekend. :-)

  3. What Kelly said! I don't have time to listen to podcasts (unless I'm driving and that's not very often right now). And vlogs are even worse since you have to actually watch AND listen. I prefer reading - you can do it quietly, you can skim if need be and you can technically multitask while reading blogs. Plus, ya, how do people have the time to make podcasts/videos of themselves?!

    Glad you got your parcel and mail! That part always stresses me out about moving.

    I want to know which Ig stories you are referring to! ;)

  4. I agree! Food moving/chewing totally grosses me out too. :( I really hope that podcasts aren't the new blogs. Those IG stories/vlogs almost are never watched by me. I enjoy the traditional blog page and IG still shots. :)

  5. I'm glad you found your parcel! What a relief!

    I do think that podcasts are becoming more popular. I can't see them replacing blogs but it seems like more and more people are doing them. I love listening to podcast, but I will never have one because I hate the sound of my voice! And I rarely watch or listen to IG stories... I also do not like the sound of people eating!!

    I hope you had a great weekend! We had a lot of fun exploring San Diego! The weather wasn't as nice as we were hoping but it was still a wonderful getaway!

  6. So glad you got your parcel!!

    Oh I haven't had about labour dreams yet!

    Haha either it doesn't bother me or I haven't noticed people eating food on IG stories!

  7. I only watch my friends IG stories cause they usually show up first but don't want anyone else. I hate the sound of eating though!

  8. Yes, I've been thinking about that with podcasts. I saw and listened to a few from Ali on the Run and it seems like several others are trying to learn podcasting now too. I admit that I don't read blogs as much, but if a blogger promotes a post on instagram that sounds up my alley, I usually click over to it.

  9. I LOVE podcasts but I am not sure if they are the new blog or not. I do enjoy that I can listen to podcasts while doing other things though. I NEVER watch instagram stories. I like snapchat though!



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