Tuesday, March 28, 2017

{baby D 2.0}: week twenty eight and twenty nine

Feeling: this is the first week in my pregnancy that I've felt very pregnant and uncomfortable. I went for a walk on Thursday during lunch, and my belly was sore for the next couple of days. I think it was a bit of a growth spurt combined with Braxton Hicks starting (my belly started getting super tight). Heartburn is still here, but I got a prescription last week for stronger medicine then Tums, but I need to fill it still.

Workouts: definitely slacking big time lately! Though I did find some new ones from a blogger called Nourish Move Love.  She has a some great at home strength and barre workouts.

  • had my next appointment at the maternity clinic last week, and all was good. Baby was head down and hopefully stays that way! I passed my glucose test which is good. I'm going every two weeks now (how did that happen already?!)
  •  received the sweetest package for baby boy and Amelia in the mail from Gabriella- thank you again friend!


  1. Someone in my centering class suggested using K-tape to support your belly. So much better than one of those maternity support belts and you can keep it on for several days since it's waterproof! I haven't tried it yet though.

    Yay for head down!!

  2. I had Braxton Hicks starting around 24ish weeks with my daughter Amelia, and the same thing would happen to me when I walked. It does get so uncomfortable! I ended up having to cut out walking altogether until the very end, when no other workouts felt good anymore. I did a lot of barre, strength training and the elliptical! There's a Youtube channel called Bodyfit by Amy, and she has a decent amount of prenatal, postnatal and regular workouts that are easy to do at home!

  3. I felt really pregnant a lot earlier with Chloe too. And the braxton hicks were so bad! They would come on just sitting and I scared a few people in meetings lol.

  4. I will check out that blog! I am really missing barre workouts these days so some at home ones I could follow would be great. You look fantastic!

  5. You look amazing and I love your outfit in the photo! Big pregnant lady mode happened earlier for me with baby #2 too, but before you know it the discomfort will all be a distant memory.
    Also that big sister book is great!

  6. Baby is going to be here before you know it! Isn't it crazy how much quicker it goes the second time around?? I think I was much more uncomfortable earlier on this second time around too...but in different ways, if that makes sense? You look great though! And it's awesome you are still getting in workouts!

  7. Crazy that you are already at the point where you have appointments every 2 weeks. I hope the heartburn meds help - that sounds awful. Good thing babies are cute because pregnancy is not a walk in the park. ;)

  8. LOVE that kimono!! It seriously flies by the second time around! So nuts.

  9. Yay for passing the glucose test!!! That was one of the worsts parts of pregnancy!!



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