Wednesday, March 15, 2017

{baby d 2.0}: week twenty six and twenty seven

Twenty six weeks
Feeling: still pretty good overall. Minus heart burn that is still sticking around. Starting to get the linea nigra again, but it's still pretty faint. Belly button is threatening to never go back in, but not fully out. 

Workouts: the last couple of weeks haven't been super great workout wise, but still walking Harley and doing at home workouts.

Twenty seven weeks
  • went for my glucose screening test last week and baby barely moved at all during it. When I did it with Amelia, she moved and kicked like crazy. I'll find out the results next week at my next appointment
  • still not coming up with very many names. We have a super short list, but no names that either of us absolutely love or are set on. Can we just call him baby? ;)


  1. You look great! We had dinner last night with friends and one of them is 24 weeks along, so not far behind you. Their daughter will turn 2 right around the time she is due and they are having another girl. She said pregnancy is so different the 2nd time around. When I asked her how many weeks she was, she had to really think about it and couldn't automatically respond!

    I hope the heart burn goes away soon. I've had heart burn in the past and it's soooo awful. And I hope you guys come up with a name soon! I think that boy names are harder than girl names!!

  2. I started taking Zantac this pregnancy because the heartburn just continued to get worse and worse and I was maxing out daily on my tums dose. I do 150mg and I usually take it at 4pm because my heartburn is the worst in the evening after supper. It's helped immensely! It's OTC and safe in pregnancy :) you look great and I'm glad your feeling good!!

  3. I hope that heartburn doesn't last the whole pregnancy for you. Picking a name is so hard!! Seriously.

  4. That was how we were with boy names! And still are, if we had a third we have a girl name but no boy's ones we love.
    You look great!

  5. You look so good!! Your bump is high up- I wonder if that's why you have so much heartburn? Annoying!

    Boy names are so, so hard! We have 2 and I don't LOVE either although they are kind of growing on me? I just hope he doesn't end up nameless for a few days, if it is in fact a him.

  6. I never had heart burn with Sully, but I had it with Emmy! Except only right before bed which is super annoying! Names are so hard! Since Brian is a teacher, does he find he nixes a lot of names because he's known kids with that name? A girl from my Edmonton book club is a teacher and she said it was so hard to pick a name because of that - too many of them reminded her of kids she found annoying haha!

  7. I'm due June 23 with baby #2 and it's a boy also! Congrats :) You are looking great!



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