Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Blog squad workouts: Barre body studio

Exciting news in regards to the blog squad- Ange, Brie and Becky have launched the Alberta Blog Squad on Instagram. Make sure you follow along!

Ange, myself, Jen, Kaella, Brie, Alison, Becky and Laura
Picture thanks to Ange!

Last Sunday, the #ABBlogsquad got the chance to check out Barre Body Studio, which is a barre studio. Walking into the studio, we were greeted by our instructor Lanette who gave us each a bag with a water bottle, and passes for two free classes in the future. The studio features two different barre rooms and an unisex locker room that features lockers, private restrooms and private showers. It was a gorgeous space!

Pic: Laura

Before we knew it, it was time to get started! Lanette had us grab all of the equipment that we would need for class, which included: two sets of weights, ball, band, and a disk.

I had never tried a barre class before and being 26 weeks pregnant, I knew that I would have to modify some of the moves. Lanette was great to ensure that I knew what modifications that I could make. I was so focused on not dying during the class, that I can't remember what we all did. There was an arm, cardio, and leg section that left each of those body parts burning! You wouldn't think that using 5lb weights would be hard, but my arms were definitely feeling it. 

 Pic: Laura
Pic: Laura

What to know:
  • you will need grip socks for the class. You can either bring your own, or rent a pair from the studio. They also sell them there
  • there are two studio locations: Ramsay at 1202 20th Avenue SE or Bow Trail at 4251 Bow Trail SW
  • it's more than okay to take breaks during the class! 
  • A single class drop in is $25 or they offer different class passes on their website. Prices can be found here.  
Overall, I really enjoyed the class! Thanks again for Barre Body Studio for having the blog squad!


  1. I love barre classes! I started a 3-month unlimited membership at a studio by our house as they had a bride-to-be special. It's such a fun and unique workout. We use 2 lb weights for our upper body stuff (except biceps) and it's crazy how fatigued your muscles get with such a light weight. I went last night and it was the hardest thigh workout I've had in a barre class. My legs were burning! That's great that the instructor was able to give you modifications. I love that you girls get to try all these different workouts and get perks in the process. So cool!

  2. I think this was my favourite barre class yet, although I still can't get over how much it burns.

  3. Haha I only used two pound weight and my arms were shaking!! I always forget what a burn those micro movements in barre class cause. Thanks for the shoutout! ;)

  4. I really liked the class and would definitely make it a part of my regular routine if I lived in Calgary (you guys have so many awesome studios!) It was nice to see you!! <3

  5. Great review! I wish you could come tonight with me!

  6. Glad you were able to do it while pregnant and they offered modifications! I'm definitely going to take some classes- either before or after baby is born!

  7. So awesome!! When my friend opened her studio I did a 60 day challenge where you went to barre 3x per week. It really changed my body and worked me in totally different ways!



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