Friday, March 10, 2017

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

{one} in my post the other day about our barre experience, I totally forgot to mention that if you are wanting to try it out, you can use the code LOVE10 for $10 off either the 10 card pass or 1 month new client intro. I wish I lived closer so I could take advantage!

{two} has anyone started watching Big Little Lies? I just watched the first episode last night, but totally forget what all happens in the book.  

{three} speaking of books, I posted some of my recent reads yesterday. I have a couple more books on hold at the library, but I need some more suggestions. What have you been reading lately?

{four} I have the day off today and have zero plans. Well, I do need to wash the floors and pick up a birthday gift for our niece. Otherwise, I plan on taking a nap and hanging out :)

{five} have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous day off - enjoy!

  2. Enjoy your day off! Unplanned days off are THE BEST. Make sure you take time to relax and rest and nap! I know life will be even crazier once the baby arrives!! I really need an unplanned day off but am not sure when that will happen for me... I do get a lot of vacation time but I feel like I should try to bank some time to carry over as we can carry 2 weeks over in case we have a baby in 2017 (we'll start trying this summer - probably TMI, ha) as that will make maternity leave more affordable for us (a good chunk of it is unpaid in the US). But for my sanity, I might need to take a day off that is just for doing fun and enjoyable things!

    I hope you get some good book recommendations - and that you like the 2 that I mentioned! I am loving reading YA books as they tend to be lighter/easy to get into. The point of view of the one that I'm reading goes back and forth and then you get insight into other random people the couple in the book encounters, so it's a fast read as the chapters are really short. I hope you like it!

  3. Check out my Goodreads. I've read some killer books in the last while. The Couple Next Door was so good I read it in 1.5 days. I want to watch Big Little Lies but it won't let me watch it On Demand and it wouldn't load online. :(

  4. I haven't started watching that show. I also haven't read the book though.

  5. I had to go back and read the book synopsis and then it alllllll came back! I've watched two episodes and I'm really envying it so far.

  6. I haven't been watching Big Little Lies, but I really want to! Sadly, we don't have HBO :(

  7. I watched the first episode but hadn't read the book so I went and read the book. In a day lol. It was really good!

  8. I keep seeing everyone's book suggestions and then adding them to my Goodreads! I just finished Happiness for Beginners and it was so good!



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