Friday, March 17, 2017

Five on Friday

This has been a doozy of a week! So glad it's Friday and the weekend.

{one} it all started last weekend when we drove up to Edmonton. We were in Edmonton for a couple of hours before Amelia puked all over me, the bed, bathroom at my in-laws house. We got everything cleaned up and she was so unhappy and kept going to the door. We decided to skip my nieces my birthday party and head straight back home. She puked one more time that night at home, and luckily not again. She was miserable on Sunday, and was up for half of the night, so I stayed home with her on Monday. She was better on Tuesday so she went to the day home and has gotten better over the week. The only issue now is that she hasn't pooped since last Thursday! We think it's uncomfortable for her as she's been up throughout the night rolling around and not able to get comfortable. Poor girl :( We saw the doctor yesterday, so fingers crossed for a poop soon!

{two} since she's been up so much lately, I've been laying with her in the spare bed (which will become hers once we move her out of her room). She's actually been sleeping really good in it. We need to get some rails so she doesn't fall out and I need to find a bed frame. Right now, we just have a cheap metal one. I'm looking at this one or this one. What do you have for your kids? The bed is a double bed, and we just don't see the point in buying a twin for her when we already have a good bed that she can use, and that we would have to upgrade the twin at some point anyways. Anyone want to pick out bedding and a paint colour for me? :)

{three} even though she wasn't been feeling great at the beginning of the week, Amelia never fails to make me laugh. Yesterday when we were waiting for the doctor, she decided to do some downward dogs in the room. Better than crying her head off like she normally does though ;) She also said thank you to the doctor as they were walking out of the room. Oh man, I love her. Our day home lady taught them monster sounds the other day, and it's so cute. You just ask her what a monster says, and she'll stick her hands up like claws and make the sound. 

The other morning, we were getting ready to leave the house so she was sitting on the bottom step of our stairs so I could put her boots on. I noticed all of the Harley hair on the floor and said "oh man, look at all that hair Amelia". She then looks at me, then rubs her hair and then rubs mine and says pretty hair. It was so cute!

{four} my energy is severely lacking this week. I told myself I would workout last night, but instead I fell asleep on the couch after Amelia went to bed. At least I had taken Harley for a walk before dinner, so I did something. Almost makes me wish that I drank coffee!

{five} my mom comes in a week today! She's staying for a week and looking forward to it. I also booked Amelia and I to go back to Ontario in April. Time was getting short before I couldn't fly, and I knew I wanted to go back home once before this baby is born. I can't quite imagine flying with two kids alone yet.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Poor Amelia and poor you guys for driving all that way only to have to turn around. Hope she's feeling better soon!

    I upgraded Liams bed to a double bed that was in my spare room before he came along BUT I always find it funny when kids have beds bigger than twin. I think I had a twin bed until my second year of college.

  2. My kids never slept in twin beds...they went from crib to the only issue I had was finding kiddie looking queen bedding but we managed!

  3. Poor girls, I hope she feels better soon!
    We did not have a bed so we bough Avery a daybed from Ikea and just a railing for the side at Babies R Us.
    I was just saying today that Moms that do not drink coffee are my heros ;) haha
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh man, poor Amelia!! And not pooping for that long... :( I can only imagine how exhausting it is to have a toddler, be pregnant and be working full time! Props to you!

  5. Poor Amelia! I am glad she's on the mend but I hope she has pooped by today! Poor kiddo. Her tummy must rally hurt. :(

    I think you are wise to use a double bed for Amelia versus getting a twin. Twin beds are such a waste of money as they are something you really only want for a short period of the kid's life. Then they become so obsolete! I suck at decorating so feel you on not wanting to pick out sheets and paint color and such!

    Enjoy your mom's visit!!!

  6. Oh man, I had no idea that's what happened to you guys last weekend! So much driving! That sucks she was so sick :(

    We got Sully a double bed. I agree, I don't see the point in investing in a single (unless you already have one). I like the idea of being able to sleep with them if needed, or having that bigger bed for guests if needed. We would have even gotten Sully a queen if it would have fit in his room, but because of his window placements, it would have just been too big. The bed we bought him is really low to the ground so we don't need rails, although we
    do often find him fast asleep on the pillows we have on the floor beside the bed lol!

  7. That sounds awful driving to Edmonton just to come home! Urg.
    You know I love decorating!!! :) But your Mom does too so she can help!
    I hope Amelia poops soon. :(

  8. Love those bed frames! It definitely makes sense to move her to a double bed when you have a perfectly good one. I went from a crib to a double bed for pretty much the same reason. I loved having a bigger bed! Plus it's nice for the parent to not be crammed onto a twin bed when you have to inevitable sleep with them once and awhile.

    I keep falling asleep right after the kids go to bed too! I figure I need sleep more than a workout at this point.

    Ok I was confused by how you said in another post you had only 5 day of work and then off for a week but don't go to Ontario for a few more weeks! Makes sense now that you are also taking time off when your mom comes!



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