Monday, March 27, 2017

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! I'm not too mad about it being Monday considering I'm off this week. Ask me again how I feel next Monday when I'm back at work ;)

{friday} Brian had left earlier in the day for his trip, so I left work a bit early so I could walk Harley to pick up Amelia. It was a nice day out, so she was more than happy to be going for a walk. My mom was flying in around 9pm, so one of Brian's co-workers who lives close by, came over to hang out while I picked up my mom. I was dead tired that night, so when we got home from the airport, I went straight to bed. Such a nice daughter ;)

{saturday} I didn't sleep well for some reason that night, so I was super tired in the morning which meant we had a slow day. Lots of playing with grandma, going for walks and hanging around the house.  It was a beautiful day out, so we played in the backyard and raked up some leaves the previous owners never cleaned up.

{sunday} we started the day off with pancakes (even though they weren't as good as the ones Brian normally makes) before heading to Wal-Mart. Amelia somehow got chalk, bubbles, a new baby and a ball out of that trip ;) Of course as soon as we got home, the chalk and bubbles were broken out.

When Amelia had her nap (3 hours!), I took Harley for a walk and laid in bed reading. The rest of the day was spent making a delicious dinner (made the crock pot whole chicken I've seen others post about) and going for another walk. 

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. Emjoy your week off with you Mom and Amelia, looks like great weather!

  2. When I saw the picture of Amelia and the your mom blowing the bubbles (in IG), I thought it was you haha! Until reading this, I still thought it was you!

  3. How are you liking the new house?!
    We need to break out the chalk and bubbles now that we are finally having nice weather. Weekend highlights here: I ran 10 miles! And going to the playground both days with the kids. They are both obsessed with the curly-Q slide. :-)

  4. I need to make the crockpot chicken next weekend! Sounds so easy and good!

    Sounds like a great first couple of days with your mom. I love how she spoiled Amelia on the trip to Walmart! So typical for a grandma!! Enjoy your week with your mom!

    Our weekend was nice. We stayed in on Friday and watched Arrival which was really good. Saturday I went to an awesome barre class that used trampolines - coolest class and the best class i've been to in years! I wish we had more studios that offered those classes! I ran some wedding errands after that and we had another couple over for take-out + cards. Sunday was a low key day which was just what I needed!!

  5. That sounds like such a nice weekend, the weather there looks gorgeous! I spent Saturday finishing up the cleaning of our rental unit, felt so good to get it 100% done. I also unpacked a few boxes but not nearly as many as I should have. Yesterday I really didn't feel well at all so after going to yoga I laid in bed for most of the day!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend!! Amelia sure knows how to work Grandma!! ;)

    I haven't been sleeping the greatest the last few nights either. I'm not uncomfortable but I keep waking up so maybe I am.

    That's great Brian's coworker lives close and came over while you picked up your mom!! So much better than waking a tired toddler.

    Enjoy your week off!



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