Wednesday, April 12, 2017

{baby d 2.0}: week thirty and thirty one

30 weeks
Feeling: starting to feel really pregnant! Still getting braxton Hicks when I'm walking, which aren't fun. Finally filled my prescription for the heartburn medicine, so it's been getting better. This boy likes to move! 

Workouts: let's not even talk about this. Brian has started coaching rugby again, which means he doesn't get home until later. I find that I have zero energy by the time Amelia goes to bed, so I'm happy if I get a couple walks in per week with Harley. 

31 weeks
31 weeks 3 days
  • had a check up at the maternity clinic, which ended up being super short. Their computer system was down and I didn't have many questions. Heart rate was in the 150s and belly was growing on track.
  • zero progress made on the nursery or Amelia's big girl room (besides buying her a bed frame and some sheets)
  • not any closer to picking a name
  • nothing much else to report!


  1. You look great! Love all the photos. His name will come and really there is no rush on the nursery or her big girl room, it will all get done!

  2. I always found check ups to be so short, I mean I get going for them but sometimes I would be in and out in 5 mins. I never had questions either!

  3. The worst part about checkups was that I would have to wait forever it seemed only for a super short appointment. I can't believe he's going to be here soon!!

  4. You're looking great! And that is a cool mural you're standing in front of!

  5. You Look so great! Can't believe how SOON baby boy is going to be here!

  6. You look so great! I hope the rx for heartburn helps as that would be awful to deal with! I can't believe you are in the final 10 weeks of this pregnancy! Time is flying!! Are you planning to do a lot in the nursery? I love seeing what you come up with for decor as you are so good at that! I hope the transition to the big girl bed goes smoothly for Amelia!



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