Wednesday, April 26, 2017

{baby d 2.0}: week thirty two and thirty three

33 weeks 3 days
Feeling: pretty darn pregnant most days. Heartburn is still bad, but the medication does help. Feel like I'm growing out of my maternity clothes, so the summer weather can come anytime so I can wear dresses!

The belly makes a good seat for a grumpy toddler
Workouts: see this post that I wrote yesterday.  Last week I didn't do anything since Amelia and I were in Ontario. This week has been a bit better- I've done a couple workouts from Fitness Blender and this barre type one. 

shirt c/o Wee Wanderers
  • had a check up at the maternity clinic and everything was good. Baby was still head down, belly was measuring on track and heart rate was in the 140s. Onto weekly appointments now!
  • had the strangest pregnancy dream- I had a dream that I was in labour and we were on our way to the hospital. I for some reason called the hospital and they told us that we had to go to SHC, which is 45 minutes away from us without traffic. Of course it was rush hour when we went! It was so random and weird
  • we are doing our maternity photos this weekend, and really hoping that the weather cooperates considering we had snow today! Think I have our outfits figured out, so hopefully they look okay!


  1. You look great!! Can't wait to see maternity photos ! I didn't even think of doing them with Chloe - lol, shows you how much of a brain I had then ;)

  2. Can't wait to see maternity photos!! I hope this weather shapes up. You look great and are getting SO close! Bring on spring weather for those dresses! Crazy dreams are so odd, like WHY did I dream that. I had one last night that I showed up to teach Surf in my work clothes and had no cell phone so I was singing for music. Oh man, terrible.

  3. You look beautiful! I can't wait to see your pregnancy photos!

    Wedding and pregnancy dreams are so odd and bizarre. I've had some super odd ones. I tend to have crazy dreams so I think I will probably have crazy ones when/if I am pregnant.

    Love the cranky toddler face Amelia is making in that selfie!!!

  4. Can't wait to see your maternity photos! Not sure where you're getting them done, but it's nice and sunny out in the south right now ;) and cute mama shirt!



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