Monday, April 24, 2017

Ontario and catching up

Phew, it's been a while! Let's catch up shall we?

Last week on Good Friday, Amelia and I flew home to Ontario to spend a week with my family. Our flight went pretty well minus Amelia not having a nap at all. This was the first flight that she had her own seat, and it worked out pretty well. Our luggage showed up in Ontario, but not our car seat :( Luckily, the airport had brand new car seats for people to have in situations like this (they can't reuse them with different people because of accidents and legality issues). Ours ended up coming on Wednesday and Westjet sent it in a taxi to my mom's house :)

While we were in Ontario, we were quite busy! We spent lots of time with my family which was nice as we don't get to see them too often. Amelia and my nephew C were so cute together!

While we were there, we:
  • saw the Easter bunny and Amelia went up to him unprompted multiple times to hug him!
  • had an Easter egg hunt with C 
  • went to the park with C
  • went on multiple walks around the block in the wagon
  • saw my dad and his wife, and had dinner with them
  • had Chinese food at my brother's house and Amelia loved playing with their puppies!
  • went to see ducks multiple times 
  • went dinosaur hunting
It was a great time and I was glad that we were able to go back again before I can't fly. Our flight home was pretty good too- this airplane had tvs on the back of the seats, so Amelia sat watching cartoons for a bit. She ended up falling asleep about 1.5 hours before we landed, which was nice. Thanks again mom for everything!

We got home around 10pm on Friday night, which was nice. On Saturday morning, Brian's school was having a bike-a-thon to raise money for the children's hospital, so him and Amelia went to his school for the ending of it in the morning. She apparently had fun and got lots of attention! :) While they were gone, I took Harley for a walk and hung out. Brian and Justin went for a bike ride once they got home, so Amelia and I went to the park and hung out before nap time. She ended up having a super long nap (probably thanks to the time change and missing sleep the night before), so I went outside to rake up the leaves and the grass that the voles destroyed over the winter. 

Yesterday, we both woke up exhausted for some reason. Maybe the gloomy weather in the morning? It meant a slow morning around the house. Pancakes were made, laundry was done and bathrooms were cleaned. We ventured outside to get rid of our boredom for a walk with Harley.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet- Amelia napped, I worked out and then cleaned the floors. Brian got groceries and changed the oil in the SUV. And there goes the weekend!

Tell me: how are things with you? How was your weekend?


  1. Looks like a great time and I love the pictures! Whereabouts in Ontario is your family?

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  2. Glad you had a nice visit and Amelia had a great time.

  3. Oh man, that is my nightmare and why I never travel with my carseat or stroller - I have heard this happen too much or they get broken. I am glad they got it back to you in one piece!
    These grey days need to end - they make me so tired and grumpy ;)
    I am glad you got to see your family before baby arrives!

  4. Glad you had a great trip home. That's actually really awesome that they have brand new carseats for situations like that. I mean, sucks that the seat didn't make it, but glad it all worked out. What did you do with the seat they gave you?

  5. It sounds like a really fun trip to see your family! Glad you made it there before the no-fly-zone, although I can't believe you're almost there already. Has the 2nd pregnancy seemed so much faster for you? It really did for me...

  6. So fun Amelia has a cousin so close to her in age, it's too bad they are so far apart though! Sounds like a great visit with family. My weekend was pretty boring. We got MORE snow so I mostly stayed inside and did laundry and packed for our trip. Nothing exciting :)

  7. Ugh - I had an issue flying Westjet from Toronto to London where for some reason my luggage was soaked and I had no clean diapers for the baby when I got to England :( I fly out again in two weeks and this time I am flying Air Transat.

  8. Your week at home sounds awesome! How perfect that Amelia has a cousin her age to play with! That has worked out with my family as well as 6 of the 7 nieces/nephews are grouped into 3 ages so they have built in friends to play with when we are all together! And the 5/6 year olds are good about playing with the 3 year old. So usually no one gets left out, which is nice. I'm hoping that my sister and I have kids around the same time, although she lives in AZ so our kids wouldn't see each other that often. We'll see!

    I am glad that the flights went well for you guys! That's cute that Brian brought Amelia to school. I can see how she got lots of attention!!

  9. What an awesome trip! So glad you guys got out there and it wasn't too painful of travel days! C and Amelia are so cute, it's s nice they are so close in age! And I guess YAY for a new car seat!! ha

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  11. Sounds like you had a great trip! Yay for making it out there once more before baby comes! The next time you fly is going to look veeeery different! Haha! Do you think you'll ever fly to Ontario alone with both kids?



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