Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Working out during pregnancy

Hi, my name is Leigh. I love working out and getting a good sweat on. I've done everything from playing soccer to crossfit to running races of various lengths. See:

Can I be honest with you for a second? I'm currently over 33 weeks pregnant with my second child and I've barely worked out during this pregnancy.  During my first pregnancy, I stayed pretty active whether it was running, walking with Harley or doing at home workouts. This time? I just don't have the energy or the motivation. Between working full time, parenting a toddler, and taking care of general life things, I'm tired. And that's okay. Some days I feel bad about it, but then other days I say f*ck it. 

Last night it took me until 8:30pm to motivate myself to workout and then I ate Doritos while typing up this post. Life's all about moderation ;) My motto for the rest of my pregnancy is that a little bit is better than nothing. If that means it's a ten minute strength workout or a 30 minute walk with Harley, I will be more than happy with that. 

I know that once this baby is born, I will slowly get back into it. Lots of walks with Harley and the kids until I've healed from child birth. Then it will be sweaty workouts where I can fit them in and I can't wait for it! And to get back into running. As hard as that's going to be! 

Tell me: did you find it hard to stay active during your second pregnancy?


  1. Yes! I felt exactly the same way during my 2nd pregnancy. With Swede I tried really hard to stay active the whole pregnancy but with Abel... Not so much! Chasing after a toddler and taking the dog out for a walk and some prenatal yoga was about all that I did and I was 100% OK with that! I think with Swede I was worried about losing that side of myself or never being able to get back in shape, but with Abel I knew that I would get back to it and that I'm still ME, so it felt easier and better to take advantage of an opportunity to relax and rest!

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  2. YES! You've just got to do what feels best for you! I felt better when I got my workout done for both pregnancies - it gave me a boost of energy and made my body hurt less - but there were definitely days where I too said F@ck it and there are still days like that!! You will get back to working out when you are ready! Besides 2 kids is a workout in itself! :)

  3. No shame in that. You are busy and having a big belly makes it hard to do much of anything comfortably. You'll get back to it soon enough after he arrives I'm sure. :)

  4. No shame, lady! I haven't been pregnant so have no idea how I will feel but I know mommas that were so sick during their pregnancy that they could not work out. They tried but putting pressure to work out just made them feel worse so they had to adjust their expectations. Don't feel bad about this! You are doing everything you can and you have a lot on your plate right now! I haven't been working out as often as I would like lately because my calendar is just so full with wedding meetings and such and I just don't have it in me to get up super early. So I am trying to be more careful about my eating since I'm not burning as many calories as I would like!

  5. I went from 118lb to 185lb during pregnancy after an awful one with HG. I am now, five months pp, down to 127lb and am not working out due to recto diastasis. I am waiting til the gap in my stomach muscles naturally closes a little to be able to start exercising as I don't want to make it worse

  6. It was definitely a lot harder to stay active with my second pregnancy because I was busy keeping up with my then almost 2 year old and too tired to do anything else!

  7. Ha, well you know how I was during my pregnancy ;) Don't be hard on yourself ... you look great, you are a busy mom, and you have the rest of your life to work out! :)

  8. Yes, yes, and yes. Being busy parenting, working, and being pregnant a second time makes you wonder what exactly you did with all that free time before being a mom doesn't it?
    My advice is not to beat yourself up and stick with what works for you. Pregnancy, postpartum, nursing, & repeat has been the least "constant" time in my life but it won't always be that way. I'm far from a fitness guru but I found that focusing on the simple and functional exercise of walking has kept me feeling the best. I remember in my second pregnancy I would always comment on how I felt miserable etc but then after a walk I felt a million times better.
    Good luck with your fitness journey and know that life won't always be this up and down when it comes to exercise!

  9. I can only imagine how much harder it is when you're pregnant with #2 because not only are you not feeling great because you're pregnant but you're also chasing after a toddler or little one!! Just remind yourself this is just a stage in your life that shall pass soon and you will definitely get back to the hardcore, sweaty workouts after you've given birth and healed!



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