Wednesday, May 24, 2017

{baby d 2.0}: week thirty six and thirty seven

Feeling: overall, still pretty good. I mean I feel pregnant, but not at the stage of hating it yet and wanting the pregnancy to be over. Still having heartburn, but not as bad most days. And my hand still feels numb, but getting used to it.

My brown line on my belly has come back, and I'm surprised that it took this long. Doesn't seem as dark as last time.

Shirt from weewanderers
Workouts: let's not talk about this one ;) Lots of walks with Harley even if they are on the shorter side.


  • the car seat has been cleaned, now it's sitting by the front door waiting for the bases to be installed in the vehicles (cough cough Brian)
  • both of my check ups were good. Heart rate was in the 150s, and belly was measuring on track. I had the group b and chlamydia swabs done last week and both came back negative (they apparently test for chlamydia now so you can choose to decline the eye goop once the baby is born if you are negative for it).
  • I think we've narrowed the list of names down to four, but zero middle names yet. 
  • only three more days of work left for me!
  • does anyone know of a good app for timing contractions?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Tuesday everyone! Did you have a good long weekend? I know we sure did!

On Friday night, Brian's parents drove down to our house so we let Amelia stay up until they came. She was so excited to see them that bedtime was LOTS of fun ;)

Saturday morning the boys (aka Brian and his dad) got to work putting together the shed we got from Costco. They ended up not finishing it until 5pm, so it was a full days worth of work for them. While they were working on that, Amelia and I went to the park in the morning with our neighbours and their kids. It was a gorgeous day, so we spent a lot of time outside playing and hanging out while the boys worked. 

"helping" the boys

While Amelia napped, Brian's mom helped me clean up our garden beds and get rid of some dead shrubs. She also made us a delicious steak dinner that night!

Brian's parents left on Sunday morning, so we decided to check out the park near St. Patrick's Island since it was nice (though pretty windy out). Amelia had fun playing at the park and then throwing rocks in the water. What's with kids and loving to throw rocks?!

After the park, we made a quick stop at the mall to return something and pick up Brian's new suit. While Amelia was napping in the afternoon, I ran to Canadian Tire to buy a chair for our front porch and then a couple other errands. It was so busy at Crappy Tire, but was able to get the chair I wanted.

After dinner that night, I mowed the grass and finished cleaning up all of the shrub stuff in the backyard. It was so gorgeous out that I decided to take Harley for a walk before crashing on the couch.

On Monday, Brian and Justin went for their bike date, so Amelia and I had a quiet start to the day by playing at home. We eventually got dressed and headed out to Bowness Park. Good thing we got there when we did as it was crazy down there! So many people. She still had a great time playing at the playground, throwing rocks in the river, and looking at the ducks. After the park, we headed home and our neighbours were outside. They asked if we wanted to play in the sprinkler, and I knew it would be a hit or miss with Amelia. Luckily, she loved it and didn't want to leave come nap time!

I finally got Amelia down for a nap, so I hung out in the sunshine as it was another gorgeous day. Our night was capped off with a super slow walk as a family with a toddler who wanted a walking stick and wanted to look at everything :)

And yes, those are the loved shoe boots with shorts! ;) We had a fight on Friday night about it, and I don't have the energy to push it further. 

Tell me: how was your weekend?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

{baby d 2.0}: maternity pictures

At the end of April, we met up with Agata from AW Photography at Edworthy Park. We lucked out with gorgeous weather, but of course Amelia wanted nothing at all to do with the pictures. Agata was super patient and so glad that she managed to get at least one with Amelia looking happy!

Thank you again Agata for the beautiful pictures!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! It feels weird to think that our weekends as a family of three are limited and that we will soon be a family of four.

Last week, our dayhome was closed Wednesday to Friday, so Brian's mom came down to watch Amelia for us. Minus a few meltdowns from Amelia, I think they had fun together :) Lots of park visits and Amelia's first McDonald's lunch! Lucky girl. The dayhome is closed today too, so Amelia and I are having a day together.

{friday} after work on Friday, we were having a BBQ at work to celebrate our new baby as well as a co-workers 35 year anniversary with the company. Once Brian was off work, he came home to grab Amelia and then brought her to the office. We weren't sure how she was going to do because she had been grumpy that day, but she ended up having fun. My co-worker's daughter who is 5 months younger than Amelia was there, so they had fun chasing each other up and down the hallways. 

Brian ended up taking her home around 7:45pm and I stayed behind to help clean up before driving another co-worker home around 9:45pm. 

{saturday} Brian and Justin went biking in the morning, so Amelia and I took Harley for a walk before heading over to Alison's. Neither of us had plans, so we joined them so the kids could play and they had fun together :) Thanks again for having us Alison :)

We got home around noon, so we had some lunch before Amelia went down for a nap. I had a nap myself before heading outside to clean up some of our flower beds. After Amelia's nap, all she wanted to do was go back to Ryder's house which was super cute!

{sunday} it was Mother's Day, so even though I would have loved to sleep in, I was wide awake after Brian got up with Amelia at 6:30am. They ran to the store to get eggs, so I had a shower and started laundry, cleaned two bathrooms and started vacuuming. So much for a day off ;) Brian made us a delicious breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, toast and fruit. In the later morning, we headed out to Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park for a walk. It was a pretty nice morning when the sun stayed out! We even ended up running into a friend with her husband, son and dog there.

When we got home, Amelia asked for her crib and milk, so it was nap time for her. I, of course, had another nap, which was delightful. When Amelia got up, she asked to go to the park so we headed there and ended up staying for close to an hour while Amelia played with another little girl. Brian made us a delicious dinner, which I appreciated it!

I also want to say happy Mother's Day to my mom- thanks for everything you do and for always snorting when you get laughing really good! Love you ;)

Tell me: how was your weekend?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

{baby d 2.0}: week thirty four and thirty five

34 weeks
Feeling: still pretty darn pregnant, haha. Overall, I'm not complaining as I don't feel so uncomfortable that I want to be done being pregnant. Happy that the warmer weather is here so I can wear dresses often as pants just aren't comfortable. 

35 weeks

  • in the last two weeks, my right hand has been constantly feeling like it fell asleep and then woke up aka pins and needles. It's the strangest feeling. I asked the doctor about it this week, and it's apparently due to swelling in my arm/wrist. It's pretty common apparently and will continue until after delivery. Lucky me! 
  • had another check up and the belly was still measuring on track and heart rate sounded good. 
  • next week is the group b strep test aka butt swap, haha.  
  • we had our maternity pictures taken and will share them tomorrow :)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Hi there friends! I was going to do a weekend recap, but it included LOTS of whining from Amelia and me slowly losing my mind. I was never happier when Brian got home on Saturday night {he was gone since Friday for a rugby tournament}. The best part of the weekend was going out for dinner with some of the ladies on Sunday night to Anjeo to celebrate Brie and Ange's birthdays. It was so good and so worth the heartburn!

I am currently...
Feeling: tired, excited, nervous, overwhelmed, haha. Definitely lots of different emotions right now. Excited that I'm almost done work and have a bit of time off before baby boy comes {fingers crossed at least!} and excited at the same time that we get to meet him soon.

Also feeling lots of movement from baby boy as I typed this post up. I feel like he's trying to escape while hitting my cervix/bladder at the same time. Feels so weird!

Watching: not a lot actually. Though I've been watching Real Housewives of Toronto and Hockey Wives- both are terrible shows, yet I continue to watch them. 

Running away from mama on our walk on the weekend

Eating: I haven't shared any of the meals/recipes that we've made lately, so here are a couple:

Quinoa veggie fried rice
Shrimp pasta with tomato basil sauce  {I accidentally doubled the cream, and it was delicious!}
One pot Mexican rice casserole  {I used Rotel in this recipe and ended up with the worst heartburn that night. It was still tasty}

Looking forward to: 
  • meeting this little boy
  • a BBQ at work on Friday that my co-worker is putting on. He is the best cook!
  • being done work
  • spending Monday with Amelia since our day home is closed. Luckily, Brian's mom is coming to watch her Wednesday to Friday. I think they will have fun!
Thinking: about what being a mom of two children will be like and wanting to know what your experience was like. Was it harder to go from no children to one or one child to two? What things made the transition easier?

Monday, May 1, 2017

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! I can't believe that it's already May, which means I'm almost done work. Only 18 more days...that's crazy to me. 

{friday} a very quiet night as Brian went to a mountain bike meeting and then out for beers with Justin. I put Amelia to bed, and then proceeded to lay in bed and watch Netflix/play on the internet until I fell asleep. 

{saturday} Amelia decided to wake up at 5:45am with a stuffy nose, so we brought her into bed with us. She didn't fall back asleep though, but Brian got up with her around 6:20am and I ended up falling back asleep for an hour. Once I was up, Brian made us "cancakes" as Amelia likes to call them! We headed to the mall shortly after it opened so I could get some stuff at Sephora and was trying to find a cardigan for maternity pictures, without any luck. 

When Amelia went down for a nap, I quickly did my hair and then headed out to a friend/co-workers house down south. She kindly offered to do my make up for maternity pictures and I loved how it turned out! 

I got home around 4pm, which left me enough time to change, eat something, get Amelia ready and head out the door for our maternity pictures. Amelia wanted NOTHING to do with them, but hopefully we got a couple good ones with her. The rest of the night was spent relaxing and finally watching Girl on the Train. The book is definitely way better!

{sunday} I was spoiled again and had another sleep in, which was definitely needed (Amelia was up a bunch that night because she had to poop). Justin came over to watch a mountain bike race with Brian, so I took Amelia and Harley for a walk. The rest of the morning was spent cleaning and doing some laundry. 

In the late afternoon, we went to Alison and Justin's for dinner. The kids had a great time running around in the backyard and playing together. I think the cutest thing had to be Amelia and Ryder hugging each other good bye! Thanks again for the delicious dinner guys :)

 Tell me: how was your weekend?


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