Wednesday, May 10, 2017

{baby d 2.0}: week thirty four and thirty five

34 weeks
Feeling: still pretty darn pregnant, haha. Overall, I'm not complaining as I don't feel so uncomfortable that I want to be done being pregnant. Happy that the warmer weather is here so I can wear dresses often as pants just aren't comfortable. 

35 weeks

  • in the last two weeks, my right hand has been constantly feeling like it fell asleep and then woke up aka pins and needles. It's the strangest feeling. I asked the doctor about it this week, and it's apparently due to swelling in my arm/wrist. It's pretty common apparently and will continue until after delivery. Lucky me! 
  • had another check up and the belly was still measuring on track and heart rate sounded good. 
  • next week is the group b strep test aka butt swap, haha.  
  • we had our maternity pictures taken and will share them tomorrow :)


  1. I'm glad the hand thing is normal but too bad you have to deal with it all month now! Fingers crossed it gets better or you just learn to live with it more! Getting so close, you look great and I am glad you aren't feeling done. :) Butt swab! ha

  2. The hand thing is weird - good to know that it's normal, though! I know a girl in our Chicago office who has such awful swelling in her feet. Poor thing - he feet sort of 'overflow' out of her shoes because of how swollen they are! And I think she's still 8+ weeks from delivering!

    It's good that you aren't so uncomfortable that you want to be done being pregnant NOW!! Can't wait to see pics of the baby and hear what the name is!!!

  3. Butt swab! Haha!! Fun, fun ;p Maybe you'll get lucky and get to do your own like I did!

  4. You look great!! Such a perfect bump! Sucks about the hand tingling!

    Does your Doc do the GBS swab or you? Lol!! I always do it myself but Brie's comment has me wondering if normally the doc does it!



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