Wednesday, May 24, 2017

{baby d 2.0}: week thirty six and thirty seven

Feeling: overall, still pretty good. I mean I feel pregnant, but not at the stage of hating it yet and wanting the pregnancy to be over. Still having heartburn, but not as bad most days. And my hand still feels numb, but getting used to it.

My brown line on my belly has come back, and I'm surprised that it took this long. Doesn't seem as dark as last time.

Shirt from weewanderers
Workouts: let's not talk about this one ;) Lots of walks with Harley even if they are on the shorter side.


  • the car seat has been cleaned, now it's sitting by the front door waiting for the bases to be installed in the vehicles (cough cough Brian)
  • both of my check ups were good. Heart rate was in the 150s, and belly was measuring on track. I had the group b and chlamydia swabs done last week and both came back negative (they apparently test for chlamydia now so you can choose to decline the eye goop once the baby is born if you are negative for it).
  • I think we've narrowed the list of names down to four, but zero middle names yet. 
  • only three more days of work left for me!
  • does anyone know of a good app for timing contractions?


  1. Glad you are feeling good! Those photos are great! YAY for narrowing down the names! Did you have Amelia's name picked before she was born or did you go in with a list? I can't remember the app I used, I didn't download it until about an hour before we left for the hospital - whoops.

  2. Yay for almost being done work! Have I asked this already - but is Amelia staying is dayhome at all? I liked having A in it for the first bit and thought I wanted her to go one day a week after but wanted her home with me for some crazy reason ;)
    I have no app suggestions, I literally think my Mom downloaded something when I was in labour with Avery but on her phone lol

  3. You look absolutely adorable! I hope I look as great as you do when I get to that point. I kind of think I won't as I already feel so blegh and yucky and I'm only 15.5 weeks!

  4. Haha well at least bases take only a minute to install! It's the bigger car seats I always dread. Glad you're still feeling good! You look great!

  5. You are done with work by the time I am reading this so yea!!! I hope that you find a good ap for timing contraptions. There must be something out there!

    I think you look so adorable pregnant! I love that mama bear top!



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