Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Hi there friends! I was going to do a weekend recap, but it included LOTS of whining from Amelia and me slowly losing my mind. I was never happier when Brian got home on Saturday night {he was gone since Friday for a rugby tournament}. The best part of the weekend was going out for dinner with some of the ladies on Sunday night to Anjeo to celebrate Brie and Ange's birthdays. It was so good and so worth the heartburn!

I am currently...
Feeling: tired, excited, nervous, overwhelmed, haha. Definitely lots of different emotions right now. Excited that I'm almost done work and have a bit of time off before baby boy comes {fingers crossed at least!} and excited at the same time that we get to meet him soon.

Also feeling lots of movement from baby boy as I typed this post up. I feel like he's trying to escape while hitting my cervix/bladder at the same time. Feels so weird!

Watching: not a lot actually. Though I've been watching Real Housewives of Toronto and Hockey Wives- both are terrible shows, yet I continue to watch them. 

Running away from mama on our walk on the weekend

Eating: I haven't shared any of the meals/recipes that we've made lately, so here are a couple:

Quinoa veggie fried rice
Shrimp pasta with tomato basil sauce  {I accidentally doubled the cream, and it was delicious!}
One pot Mexican rice casserole  {I used Rotel in this recipe and ended up with the worst heartburn that night. It was still tasty}

Looking forward to: 
  • meeting this little boy
  • a BBQ at work on Friday that my co-worker is putting on. He is the best cook!
  • being done work
  • spending Monday with Amelia since our day home is closed. Luckily, Brian's mom is coming to watch her Wednesday to Friday. I think they will have fun!
Thinking: about what being a mom of two children will be like and wanting to know what your experience was like. Was it harder to go from no children to one or one child to two? What things made the transition easier?


  1. Can I write you a book on one kid to two?? Lol. It is all good, I promise. For me going from no kids to one was easy but one to two has been much harder. Usually days are crazy, loud and tiring but totally worth it. I found the first 6 months or so to be the easiest since the baby just eats, sleeps and poops haha. But once they start being more active etc that is when the "fun" began for us ;)
    Is Amelia staying in dayhome at all? I kept Avery there for a month and it was great, easier for us all but after that I was happy to have her home with me. I thought I would have wanted her to still go 1-2 days a week but I realized I wanted her home more. I made sure to do some one on one dates with Avery those first few months to help her too. She never got jealous those first 6 months really - again, that is more now though.
    I know you will do great!

  2. SO excited for that little boy to arrive! But I hope you will have a few weeks to yourself with Amelia for sure, those were the best weeks.
    I found the transition to 2 came in waves, first few weeks were tough but that was mainly due to the csection and me not being able to do as much as I usually do. But then easier as Lindsey said they sleep a lot and eat! Once they can move it's just very busy!!

  3. Ha, I had the same thought as Lindsey: I have way more thoughts on the 1 to 2 kids transition than I can fit in a blog comment! I did find 1 to 2 harder than 0 to 1, although it was nice that I felt (mostly...) that I knew was I was doing with a newborn versus needing to Google every little thing all the time. The first couple months were easier than I had expected. Newborns are so sleepy and portable! Things are definitely more challenging nowadays with jealousy (mostly related to toys and Mom) from both kids but I do feel more settled and confident than I did in the early days.

  4. I'm so excited for you guys to meet your baby boy! I hope that everything goes smoothly and your transition from 1-2 isn't too bad! I have a friend that is due with twins in June! Their son is turning 2 in June so life is going to be INSANE for them. You and Brian make such a great team, though, so hopefully that will help with the transition to being parents of 2!

  5. Ugh, did my comment seriously just get eaten? 😭😭 Anyway, what I tried to say was, the adjustment from 1 to 2 was much harder on Sully than me. Emmy was/is such a good sleeper that I found the transition so much easier than I was expecting. I'm finding her current age to be the hardest...4 months...not sleeping as much as a newborn but also not entertained for long by much! I'm actually quite looking forward to 6 months where she can sit up on her own. Either way, it all goes by so quickly that you'll survive! And I'm always here for play dates when you need adult interaction :)

  6. Obviously no advice on going from 1 kid to 2 but I think you are going to rock it! My best friend Jen had her kids 18 months apart and she kept her little girl in daycare 2 days per week during her maternity leave with baby #2. It worked really great because her little girl LOVED daycare and also because then she got two days a week of *just* dealing with 1 kid since 2 can be so hectic!!

    Can't believe baby boy will be here SO soon! Seriously so exciting!

  7. I second what the others said! The beginning was tough because it was a transition for all of us plus the csection recovery so we had terrible cabin fever. Hopefully having a spring/summer baby will help with that this time since it will be easier to get outside even just for walks.

    The toddler was definitely the more challenging one and the baby was good at going with the flow.

    You will do great!



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