Monday, May 15, 2017

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! It feels weird to think that our weekends as a family of three are limited and that we will soon be a family of four.

Last week, our dayhome was closed Wednesday to Friday, so Brian's mom came down to watch Amelia for us. Minus a few meltdowns from Amelia, I think they had fun together :) Lots of park visits and Amelia's first McDonald's lunch! Lucky girl. The dayhome is closed today too, so Amelia and I are having a day together.

{friday} after work on Friday, we were having a BBQ at work to celebrate our new baby as well as a co-workers 35 year anniversary with the company. Once Brian was off work, he came home to grab Amelia and then brought her to the office. We weren't sure how she was going to do because she had been grumpy that day, but she ended up having fun. My co-worker's daughter who is 5 months younger than Amelia was there, so they had fun chasing each other up and down the hallways. 

Brian ended up taking her home around 7:45pm and I stayed behind to help clean up before driving another co-worker home around 9:45pm. 

{saturday} Brian and Justin went biking in the morning, so Amelia and I took Harley for a walk before heading over to Alison's. Neither of us had plans, so we joined them so the kids could play and they had fun together :) Thanks again for having us Alison :)

We got home around noon, so we had some lunch before Amelia went down for a nap. I had a nap myself before heading outside to clean up some of our flower beds. After Amelia's nap, all she wanted to do was go back to Ryder's house which was super cute!

{sunday} it was Mother's Day, so even though I would have loved to sleep in, I was wide awake after Brian got up with Amelia at 6:30am. They ran to the store to get eggs, so I had a shower and started laundry, cleaned two bathrooms and started vacuuming. So much for a day off ;) Brian made us a delicious breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, toast and fruit. In the later morning, we headed out to Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park for a walk. It was a pretty nice morning when the sun stayed out! We even ended up running into a friend with her husband, son and dog there.

When we got home, Amelia asked for her crib and milk, so it was nap time for her. I, of course, had another nap, which was delightful. When Amelia got up, she asked to go to the park so we headed there and ended up staying for close to an hour while Amelia played with another little girl. Brian made us a delicious dinner, which I appreciated it!

I also want to say happy Mother's Day to my mom- thanks for everything you do and for always snorting when you get laughing really good! Love you ;)

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. First McD's?! Lucky girl is right! Last summer we went there a tad much - maybe twice a month but that is a ton of us since it is close by and easy, plus I love their Greek salad and iced coffee!
    I thought the same thing yesterday when I spent the day cleaning! haha
    Happy belated Mother's Day!

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday! The pictures from your wak are gorgeous! I'm impressed that was Amelia's first time at McDs! Did she like it?

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend! We love Glenbow but it's been a while wince we've gone! I op eyou two had a fun day together today. Thanks again for coming over and we will have to plan another date for Ry and Amelia! :)

  4. That sucks that you couldn't sleep in on Sunday morning! Hate it when our bodies don't let us sleep! That's me this morning as today is my first day off work for the wedding and of course I was wide awake at 5:45! Booooo!

    That was nice of your company to host a party for you and your coworker w/ the big anniversary! Sounds like a good weekend overall. It's so cute that Amelia is such a fan of Ryder! My weekend was really great, too. We stayed in on Friday and grilled. On Saturday I had my last personal trainer session before the wedding and then put my garden in that afternoon and we went out for a date night that evening. We spent most of Sunday at Phil's mom and grilled dinner in the evening. I did very little wedding-related stuff besides putting together the hotel welcome bags with Phil's mom's help! It was nice to not spend a bunch of time doing wedding stuff for a change! :P

  5. Sounds like a great weekend!!! The pictures on your walk turned out great!!!



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