Wednesday, June 28, 2017

{baby d 2.0}: birth story

This pregnancy flew by and I still can't believe that Gabriel is here with us! Feels like we just found out that I was pregnant. I am a little sad that the pregnancy/birth is over as Gabe is more than likely our last baby. Unless someone can somehow convince Brian that three kids isn't that bad ;)

Gabe's birth story started on June 13, 2017 when I had my 40 week appointment at the maternity clinic. The week before, the doctor had asked me what I would want if I was to go overdue as they will only let you go to 41w3d at the clinic. The options were that I could be induced or I could have an ultrasound to check on baby/fluid levels and then hope my body would naturally go into labour if baby was looking okay. Seeing as I was already 40 weeks, I didn't see a point of waiting as baby was fully developed. At the appointment, I had my membranes swept and holy hell, it was way more aggressive than with Amelia! I think the doctor told me I was only 1cm dilated, so I crossed my fingers and hoped it would work like with Amelia. If not, they put in an induction order for Saturday June 17th. After the appointment, I was definitely uncomfortable and had a bit of bleeding. That night, I also took Harley for a slow walk in hopes it would help to get things going!

I went to bed that night and woke up around 11:30-11:45pm with contractions. I laid there for a bit to see if they were going to become regular, as I had been having a few random ones over the past week. Sure enough, they started coming on regularly and were painful so I started to time them. I woke Brian up around 12:30am to let him know and showed him on the app how close together they were. He wanted to leave right away for the hospital, but I was kept saying no. I finally gave in, so we packed up our hospital bag, got changed and woke my mom up to let her know that it was go time! The one wish that I had for this delivery was that I would go into labour either in the middle of the night or in the evening as there is lots of construction that affects parking at the hospital and I didn't want to deal with that. I got my wish! The drive to the hospital was terrible as my contractions were so close together (1-2 minutes apart and lasting 45 secs to 1 min). We got to the hospital around 1:30am and there wasn't a single other person in triage which meant we got seen right away. They were a bit concerned as I hadn't felt the baby move since my contractions started (not sure how I could focus on his movements when the contractions were so close together!). The doctor came in to check me shortly after that and I was 4cms dilated, so they admitted me. We were quickly moved into a labour and delivery room. 

Once in the labour and delivery room, the nurse got started on everything so I could get an epidural. The worst part was that she tried to start an IV on me twice in my left arm and failed both times, so another nurse came in to do it. Once it was in, I started to feel like I was going to throw up (and did twice), which never happened with Amelia. Felt way better after that! I think I got my epidural sometime after 2am and things were MUCH better. Gabe was handling the contractions well, so they didn't have me hooked up to the monitor constantly which was nice. I was checked every two hours and was progressing nicely, so we both tried to get some sleep (I didn't get much, but I know Brian was able to fall asleep for a bit). 

My water still hadn't broken, so when the doctor checked me sometime after 8am and I had only gone from 8cms to 9cms, they decided to break it. As soon as she broke it, I could feel the contractions like crazy and was so uncomfortable. The nurse could tell how much things had changed and guessed that I was fully dilated, so they checked me and I was. They had me start pushing shortly after 9am and it was intense! With Amelia, I couldn't feel any contractions and it was hard to push, but with Gabe, I felt WAY more. It was more of the intense pressure that I felt after each push. The pressure was so intense that I quickly started to cry (that's my natural reaction) and almost told myself that I couldn't do it. Luckily, Brian was there helping to count through the contractions and hold my leg back. I also had an awesome nurse who helped set me up into a position that made pushing much more efficient. 

Gabe didn't like the pushing very much, so the doctor said we needed to get him out quickly. That was all it took for me to push even harder and he was born at 10:02am. The relief that he was finally here was crazy and so amazing! The doctor quickly put him on my chest, and he stayed there for well over an hour before they cleaned him up and weighed him. Brian also got to cut the umbilical cord, just like with Amelia. I somehow made it out of this delivery without any tearing, which made recovery much easier. 

That face shows the relief and disbelief that he was finally here!

Gabe weighed 7lbs 10oz and was 20.5 inches long. We ended up staying in the labour and delivery room for close to two hours before they moved us to the post partum room. My mom brought Amelia up to the hospital later in the day and Amelia did so well meeting Gabe! She kept saying he was so cute and wanted to check him out. 

I stayed that night in the hospital, which wasn't too bad minus getting a roommate at 11:30pm. The next morning, we waited to get discharged, but the nurse practitioner thought she heard a heart murmur, so we waited to see the pediatrician. Luckily, she didn't hear anything (meaning it could have closed in the 1-2hrs we waited), so we were allowed to leave. It was way less scary leaving the hospital with a newborn this time!


  1. I am glad that Gabe is safely here! Those pictures after birth are so sweet - you can just see the emotion in your face! Labor sounds like soooo much work! That is great that you didn't tear as my sister and some of my friends had such awful tears that really made recovery more difficult. I imagine it's so bittersweet knowing this is maybe your last! But how great that you got one of eat and get to experience raising both a boy and a girl!

  2. I was so excited when I saw your post on Instagram that he had arrived! What a wonderful birth story - seeing the pictures definitely made me a little teary eyed and nostalgic :) Congrats to you, Brian and Amelia on becoming a family of four!!

  3. I'm glad everything went smoothly for you guys! Can't wait to meet the little guy

  4. Well done Leigh! So glad everything went so smoothly and quite quickly. I love the photos. Hospital photos are my favorite. It's such a special time that goes by so quickly.

  5. I love the photos! So glad it all went good for you :) I agree the second time around I was just like "lets go home!" vs first time I was happy to stay lol.

  6. Such wonderful photos!! That's great you only had to push for an hour. Was this labour "better" or "worse" than your labour with Amelia do you think?? I can't remember how that one was! And also yay for going into labour in the middle of the night and avoiding construction chaos at the hospital!!

  7. Awww this brought tears to my eyes! Such a great story and I'm so glad you had such a smooth delivery! i love the photo where you can see all the emotions on your face! He is just perfect! We need a visit soon so I can hold him this time ;) And you're so right - so much less scary leaving the hospital to go home this time! Haha.

  8. He's so sweet!! Glad it went well! I love the hospital photos! Especially the one with Amelia! Was this labour a lot different from Amelia's?



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