Friday, June 23, 2017

Catching up

Obviously we've been busy since Gabe, but I thought I would do a bit of a catching up post. 

My mom flew in two weeks ago, but Gabe decided to take his sweet time coming, so we had lots of time to spend with Amelia. It included lots of trips to the park, getting ice cream, playing outside, planting flowers, daily naps.

I'm not sure who is more sad that my mom has left- Amelia sure loved having her here and we both wish that she lived closer :(


  1. I am glad that your mom got to spend some one on one time with your mom! I can see how you would all be heart broken that she left, though, as there is nothing like having your mom around! If we are able to have a child, I really hope my mom is retired by then so she can come and spend a week with me. She's 69 so well past the age when she should have retired!! :P But luckily she is driving distance away - it would be so hard to have your mom flying distance away - especially when you are as close as you two are!!

  2. Glad you and Amelia had some good time with your mom before Gabriel came but too bad she had to leave sooner afterwards! Hopefully she will be back too! Has Brian's parents been down yet?

  3. Aw I'm so glad you had such a nice long visit with your mom! That's too bad she didn't get more time with Gabe, but super nice she got lots of time with you and Amelia before his arrival. So special for Amelia to get to grow up looking forward to amazing grandma visits :)



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