Tuesday, July 18, 2017

{amelia}: two and a half years old

I haven't done an update on Amelia since her second birthday, and she's changed so much lately, so I figured it was time. 

I don't even know where to start, so let's see. The biggest change that the last six months is that she became a big sister! We tried talking about us having another baby while I was pregnant as much as we could, but we never really knew if she understood us. When Gabriel arrived, she instantly loved him and is always asking where he is and if he's okay when he's crying. She always wants to give him kisses too. I'm sure things may change once he starts taking her toys, so I'm enjoying it for now. 

The other biggest change in her is that she is talking so much! She put words together in sentences fairly well and even knows words that we didn't know she did (ie: robots). There are times that we don't understand what she is saying, but it's getting better. She can easily name different types of animals without help and pictures in books. She's also good at remembering something we told her. 

Her favourite things include: going to the park, blowing bubbles, colouring with chalk, painting, going to Ga Ga's (aka Erica our dayhome lady) house, playing in the sprinkler, farting (she thinks it's hilarious!), and eating snacks. 

She's still sleeping in her crib, but her big girl room is all set up for her. We plan on moving her in August/September, and hopefully it goes well as she sleeps so well in her crib. Speaking of sleep, she's still a pretty good sleeper. She goes to bed anywhere between 7:30-8pm and is up between 6:30-7am. She takes an hour nap at Erica's house or a 2-3 hour nap if she is at home. 

The other big thing we plan on doing this summer/fall is potty training. She hasn't shown a big interest in it at home, but has gone a few times on the potty at Erica's house. We need her tricks! Speaking of potty- she's had poop issues for a while now (meaning she won't go for days and says it hurts), so we have been going to medical appointments to see if we can figure it out. As terrible as the bloodwork and ultrasound appointments were (they both came back clear), hopefully we can get to the bottom of it. 

Amelia is still a very strong willed kid, which is very hard to parent at times. We've started giving her a five minute warning if we have to leave, change what we are doing, put her to bed, etc and it's been very helpful. Most times, she won't even make it the five minutes, and will instead ask to do what we said within a minute or two (ie: going to take a bath). We've also started to give her time outs if she starts getting an attitude with us (ie: we ask her to eat her dinner and she will scream no) or not listening. It doesn't always work, and usually ends in more tears, so then her and I have a talk and get her calmed down. After that, she is usually better.

She has recently got three of her molars and just waiting on the last one to come in. Luckily they haven't seemed to bother her too much. We've also been able to get her to let us brush her teeth- it just took letting her do it first and then we go back in to do a better job. 

This is a random thing, but she no longer sits in her high chair. She kept fighting it and saying she wanted to sit on the big chair (aka our regular chairs), so we let her. It's gone fairly well with only one spill off of them so far. 

She wears either 2T or 3T clothing, and size 6 shoes. Speaking shoes, we finally got her to give up her beloved shoe boots! Thank goodness as they were getting too small. Even better, she has 4 or 5 pairs of shoes that she will finally wear!


  1. Poor Amelia with the pooping situation (or lack of) - my niece was like that, she would literally only go when she was in a warm bath...lol

  2. I hope you guys get things figured out so you can potty train with less problems!
    We did time outs too and then would sit and talk after as to what she could do next time to avoid it. I found that around 2.5 was when we had the most time outs then it got much better :)
    Glad you guys got more shoes in the rotation! haha

  3. I hope you figure out what is going on with the pooping situation - that sounds so painful! Poor girl.

    She is such a cutie! I bet it's so fun to listen to her talk and hear her say new words you had no idea she knew! Sounds like she has adjusted to Gabe pretty well, though, at least so far! She sounds like a sweet big sister!!

  4. She is so adorable and looks like so much fun!
    Abel has already started to refuse to sit in the high chair (because Swede doesn't and whatever Swede does so he MUST do - So funny!) but he is so not ready for a real chair yet...
    Eating snacks is one of my favorite things to do too. :-)

  5. She is so cute! My cousin has issues with constipation as well :( So uncomfortable and hard. I hope you guys can figure out what's going on! The 5 minute warning sounds like a good solution when you want/need her to do something. I can't even imagine how different the dynamic must be now having TWO kids to parent, but I'm glad to hear (and not surprised at all) that Amelia loves Gabe so much!

  6. Hopefully potty training goes well. Just remember, it doesn't have to be a fight. If it's becoming stressful just take a step back and try again later. When she's ready, she'll let you know and it will be SO easy.

    I definitely understand the struggles of parenting a strong willed kid. I mean, Liam's name literally means strong willed warrior.

    YAY for more shoes! Hahaha.

  7. It was the same with my daughter when I was pregnant with my second. She had just turned 2 when our youngest was born so we didn't know how much she understood when we kept talking about the baby coming.



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