Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Body & mind after baby V2: one month update

I did these posts with Amelia, and I've actually gone back to read them a couple times since then. I know they aren't for everyone, so please feel free to skip them. Here are the posts with Amelia:
One month
Three months
Six months
Nine months 
Twelve months


Body update

Four days post partum

12 days post partum
One month post partum
With this pregnancy, I gained around 35lbs just like I did with Amelia. I, in no way, thought that the weight would just fall off of me (it didn't with Amelia), but man is this stage so, so hard. Not only do you now have these massive breasts, you also have this saggy and soft tummy, along with wider hips that don't fit into any of your clothes. I'm trying to remember that it's only been over 4 weeks since I had Gabe, and that it will take time and effort for the weight to come off. 

I'm sitting about 16lbs heavier than pre-pregnancy, which I'm sure is all in my breasts ;) I have a check up in two weeks, so once I'm cleared I will ease back into working out. As tired as I am, I am looking forward to the workouts because I actually miss it and they make me feel like me. Until then, it will be walks with Harley and bouncing a 10lb baby.

With Amelia, I had night sweats which I luckily haven't had this time! So glad for that. I also feel like my recovery went a lot quicker this time thanks to an easier delivery. 

Mind update 

Overall, I think I have adjusted fairly well to having two kids. If you ask me right now how it's going, I will say fairly well which is in large part to Amelia being in the day home full time and Brian only working half days for the month of July. Both of those have been huge! I will admit that I am kind of nervous to be home with both kids full time starting in September. Ask me then how I'm doing ;)

There have definitely been some tears from me and rough days (ie: yesterday when Gabe was wide awake from 4-6am and Amelia woke up at 4:45am), but I think that's normal. I still feel like I have no idea how I can be in multiple places at once (meaning both kids need me) or how I can do a lot of things while holding Gabe and helping Amelia. I need to learn to allow myself some grace and realize that I can't do everything anymore and will need help. Brian has been a huge help of course- from doing bedtime with Amelia, to making dinner, to taking Gabe so I can have time to myself. I couldn't do it without him! 

Tell me: for those of you with more than one child, what was the hardest part for you? Or what do you still find the hardest? Any tips for me?


  1. I enjoy reading these posts as I don't think a lot of women talk about what happens with their body/mind after the baby is born as all the focus is on talking about the baby. I hope you get cleared to workout at your check up as I am sure that will make you feel so much better. Juggling 2 kids is no joke. They are both obviously at such needy ages! I have no kids so have no advice to you. Just remind yourself that you are an amazing mom and are doing the best you can do each day!

  2. I think you look great! I have been so shocked at how self-conscious I've felt about how my body is changing during pregnancy. Like even at almost 24 weeks I still just feel like I look frumpy and fat some days - not like I'm actually pregnant. Especially after waiting to be pregnant for so long I did not expect this, so I can only imagine how I will feel AFTER baby comes. I can totally understand you being anxious to work out again, when I was so sick / tired during the first trimester it really did help make me feel better to move my body and it made me feel more like "me" just like you said. Hopefully you get cleared for workouts at your 6 week PP appointment!

  3. My biggest advice on life with 2 kids is definitely to allow yourself some grace!
    The first couple months after having the kids is a tough time. I remember with Swede being irritated that I had to buy yet another set of clothes! I guess I should have kept everything from when I was 10-15 lbs heavier back in college, Ha.

  4. The boobs were what I hated the most! It is a hard time but like last time it only gets better :) I know you are an active fit person so once you are ready and cleared to get your sweat on everything else will come.
    I had bad night sweats with Avery and not with Chloe too - didn't miss those!
    Oh man, I still try and do too much some days and then realize the same thing, it is not possible! I really have no idea the hardest thing about two kids! Maybe supper time? haha.

  5. The post partum body is so awkward! I find it especially hard this time around because it's summer and too hot to cover up in leggings and long cardigans. Nevermind that everything you wear has to be breast feeding friendly. It will come in time though.

    Definitely give yourself a break, which is easier said than done. The hardest thing for me is not having any time to myself. Someone always needs me or there is always laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc. to do. They say to leave it but really you can't... it needs to get done at some point. It will get better though as everyone becomes more independent.



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