Monday, July 31, 2017

Catching up

Man, life has been busy lately! I just haven't had the energy or time to sit down and blog, so you are getting a big long catch up post today.

Almost two weeks ago, Gabe and I took an unexpected trip back to Ontario. My dad's wife passed away unexpectedly, so I wanted to be there for the funeral and to be with my dad. That meant buying a ticket on Sunday and leaving on Tuesday. Luckily, Amelia was still in the day home, so she was able to stay home with Brian (he was teaching in the mornings). They had fun together, and I got to spend some time with my family. Gabe did great on the flights- so much easier than traveling with a toddler!

Our plane home was a Disney plane
This weekend, we were in Edmonton for one of our nieces birthday parties. It was at a park near their house, and Amelia had fun playing in the sand with a shovel. Forget playing with the other kids ;) She did love playing with poppa and her cousins later that day though. She kept asking where the kids went (meaning her cousins). We also went to see Brian's grandma while we were in town too.

It's been hot and smoky here lately because of the forest fires in BC, but we are trying to get outside as much as we can.

I mentioned it on IG, but a couple weeks ago Brian put up lights in our backyard for me. There is a house that I walk by that had some up, and I kept mentioning it to Brian. He's a swell guy and figured it all out and hung them for me. Love them! We also got a new patio furniture set this year that has a couch and two chairs, so we are loving our backyard. 

Tell me: what's new with you?


  1. Sorry to hear of the passing of your dad's wife, so unfortunate, but on the flipside, at least you got to visit again some family that you don't get to see that it was under those circumstances though.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your dad's wife. Makes it extra tough that it was unexpected. I bet that seeing his grandson and you brought some joy and brightness to him during a difficult time.

    Your backyard looks beautiful! I just love the lights! Way to go Brian!

  3. I love your backyard with the lights!!! I'd like to put some up too but house projects are always at the very bottom of the list... Maybe if I mention it enough my husband with do it but I think it's probably take him longer to put the pieces together than Brian did, Ha! :-)

  4. Sorry to hear about your dad's wife, that is a quick and unexpected trip! Glad it worked out to only take Gabe and you got to spend some time with family and be there for your dad. I LOVE your backyard! We have lights strung on our back deck this year too but have barely used them all summer because it stays light out soo late here. Now that it's starting to get dark around 9:30pm I think we'll start using them more.



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