Friday, July 7, 2017

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I've finally found sometime to sit down and blog- I tried to earlier this week, but was having issues with my blog. You can still see the weird photobucket box at the end of each post (working on getting rid of that), but with some help from a friend, we were able to get rid of the other 3 that we showing up. Silly photobucket changing their policy and wanting to charge everyone $400/year to use it. 

{one} it has been HOT here the past couple of days. So glad we decided to spend the money and get AC installed in our house. Feel free to come sleep in our basement friends ;) I've been avoiding doing anything outside in the middle of the day with Gabe, so we've been going on early walks with Harley. This morning we walked Amelia to the dayhome before 8am and everyone we saw out walking was at least over 60. 

{two} we got our newborn pictures back and I love them! Hopefully I will get a post up next week to show you them. But here is a teaser :) Ordered our birth announcement last night, so need to get those in the mail along with some thank you cards once they arrive.

{three} in terms of my recovery from child birth, I've been feeling pretty good. I had one day that I walked a bit too far with Harley, and had some pains, but they went away the next day.  I will admit, I'm itching big time to work out but will hold off until the 6 week mark. Until then, it's walks with Harley and Gabe. 

{four} the best part of maternity leave? Having lots of time on the couch during the day (when Amelia is at the dayhome) to watch trashy tv shows. Of course I love getting to spend my days cuddling Gabe :) I'm loving that Married at First Sight and 90 Day Fiance are back on. Also very excited that the Real Housewives of OC is back on next week. Please tell me someone else loves these trashy shows ;) 

{five} Because I haven't blogged in a while, here is a photo dump to catch you up on stuff we've done 

blowing bubbles with granny

sprinkler fun!

seeing the animals on Canada Day

She wants to hold him and then two seconds later says that her hand is "stuck"

Walks with Harley

Riding the train at Bowness Park
Contemplating life

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Gabe is so cute! I can already tell that he is growing and filling out! I love his pudgy cheeks! What a doll.

    It's been hot here this week, too. We've been running our a/c at night which has been nice. We never run it during the day since we aren't home and the house gets quite a bit of shade so stays fairly cool. I would be miserable without a/c, though, on super hot and humid nights. Oscar loves it too and will often spend part of the night sleeping by the vent in our bathroom.

  2. I love Married at First Sight too! Do you get another full year of maternity leave? We don't have that in the U.S. (we should!!), but I wondered if you have your kids closer together, do you still get it again?

  3. Ugh that photobucket thing is so annoying. It did that on my blog too. I just ended up deleting all of the areas where I was using it! Is Amelia staying in the dayhome full time during your maternity leave? That is so nice it's within walking distance to your house! And you were smart to get A/C installed ;) I miss our window A/C unit from kamloops. though it's definitely not THAT hot up here we've had some very warm days and it's taken two fans running all night to keep our bedroom cool!

  4. I used to think AC was a waste but then our new house had it and I love it!
    Can't wait to see your photos! I need to book family photos soon.
    Have a great weekend :)

  5. Love the newborn photos! Glad your recovery is going well.

  6. Love the photo dump! He's so cute and I can't get over how blond he is! I kinda laughed when you said the best part of mat leave was having all this time to watch trash TV, I am pretty sure I had zero time to watch TV on my second mat leave!! ha Just wait until you have 2 kids home all the time! Justin's aunt had AC in Vernon and although it was nice as it was 40C it gives me a headache so fans are where it's at for us!



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