Monday, July 17, 2017

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! Not sure if anyone noticed, but I totally posted Gabe's one month update early last week. I had it in my head that he turned a month on Wednesday for some reason- I apparently need more sleep ;)

Let's rewind to last week:

On Thursday night, it was so hot out, so Amelia and I met our neighbours at the splash park in our neighbourhood after dinner. Even though she didn't go right through the water this time, she loved it!  Even better that it's super close to our house.

On Friday, Amelia went to the dayhome, so I took Harley for a walk in the morning. Later in the day, I went to run some errands (ie: get gas) and realized that I left my wallet at home. Seriously losing my brain these days. Neither of us felt like cooking, so I ran out to get some dinner. Amelia apparently couldn't hang for the 10 minute drive ;)

On Saturday, Brian took Amelia to her first movie in the morning. She came home and kept talking about the popcorn and watching the big tv! Brian said she did fairly well- wanted to leave around the hour mark, so they packed up and stopped to get me some popcorn to bring home. When they were waiting for it, she asked what they were doing and then wanted to go back in. She made it to the end of the movie, but did get a little antsy. While they were at the movie, I took Harley for a walk and hung out around the house with Gabe.

That night, we made homemade pizzas (well, on flat breads. We aren't that ambitious!), which Amelia loved doing. After she was in bed, we sat outside and took advantage of the lights that Brian put up earlier in the day. I saw a house that had similar ones on my walk and Brian did it for me :)

On Sunday, we had a pretty quiet day. I took Amelia to the park in the morning and then we pretty much hung out at home for the rest of the day. Brian got groceries and I did some laundry. 

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. Oh Gabe is sooo cute!
    I really do love splash pads, unfortunately, we don't have anything in our area like that, so I drive the 20 mins to the city where we have access to lots of them!!

  2. We have a small splash pad close to us too, it is nothing special but I like it is close and not busy like the spray parks!
    Avery was about the same age when she went to her first movie - I swear popcorn was the key to getting her to sit lol
    Gabe has already changed so much!

  3. I totally did not notice that you posted that month review early. :) Today I did my monthly shouldless days post and said it was for August... Yah, it's July 17th. No idea how I messed that up!

    Your backyard lights look so great!! It definitely makes the space extra cozy and pretty! I don't think I've even seen pictures of your back yard - at least from this angle. It looks like you have a really nice space back there!

    My weekend was good. We hosted friends for dinner on Friday and went to another couple's house for dinner on Saturday night. And then yesterday was a shouldless day which was lovely!

  4. Your lights look great! We have lights like that on our back deck but it's light out SOOO late here in the summer (like 11pm!) I am never up late enough to use them!! It is starting to get dark a bit earlier - like 10pm, so maybe at some point in August or September I'll actually put them to use ;)

  5. Love the lights! That's awesome that Brian took Amelia to the movies. I loved taking Liam to his first movie.

  6. Looks like fun!!! I wish we had a splash pad near us!! My kids love playing in water!!



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