Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Scenes from the week + end

Figured it was about time I sat down and wrote a blog post! I find it so hard as in the evenings it's the last thing I want to do and don't have much time throughout the day. But, I'm trying to get better about it.

Let's rewind to last week:

Monday: it was Amelia's last day at the day home for full time, so we dropped her off in the morning. She will be going on Wednesday's only now, which I think is a good thing for the both of us. After we dropped her off, we got groceries, and I have no idea what else we did.

Tuesday: the weather wasn't the greatest that day, but we decided to venture down to Bowness Park to get out of the house. Amelia had fun at the playground and throwing rocks in the river. She even managed to ping a rock off the side of my face - such good aim on that one ;) The wading pool had opened a couple days before and of course Amelia wanted to go in when I had nothing for her, but she still had fun in her t-shirt and regular diaper (don't worry, her diaper didn't go in). We ended up taking her home in just her diaper and a swaddling blanket thanks to Gabe. 

Wednesday: Amelia was at the day home, so Brian headed out with a friend for a mountain bike ride in the morning. Gabe and I didn't do much- took Harley for a walk and I did a workout.  The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out at home and not chasing after a toddler or listening to mommy a million times ;)

Thursday: in the morning, I ventured down to East Village with the kids to go to Tara aka Top Knot Mommy's workout class with Alison and Brie. It's nice to get out of the house and have someone else kick my butt! Amelia had fun running around and eating snacks while I worked out.  We headed home after the class for Amelia's nap, and once she was up, we packed a picnic and headed back to the wading pool in Bowness since it was a gorgeous day. It was quite busy when we got there, but it cleared out a bit around dinnertime. I ran into Sarah and her kids there, which was fun to meet her in person!

Friday: struggling to remember what we did this day- I know the weather was crummy in the morning, so I made some edible finger paints that Amelia could use in the bathtub. It was a huge hit! I'm sure there was a park visit in there somewhere too.

Saturday: we went for a little adventure in the morning to the new park in Confederation Park. Amelia loved the huge slide, but I wasn't a big fan as I couldn't get her up there. Good thing Brian was with us. After the park, we made a pit stop at a mural wall for an IG picture, and then headed to MEC. There were a few meltdowns in the day as I had bribed Amelia with some fries to get the mural wall picture (do what you have to do!) and she was mad that we went to MEC first instead. Ah, it's tough being a toddler! Once we got her calmed down, we headed to McDonald's for fries and then home for a much needed nap! 

Sunday: Amelia had got a gift card for the zoo for her birthday, so we finally headed to the zoo and got a membership. It wasn't too busy when we got there around 9:30am, but holy, it was insane when we were leaving! The line up was back through the blue egg and into the parking lot. Minus some more meltdowns, we had a good morning at the zoo.  

Monday: after a busy weekend, we had a quiet day at home. In the morning, I had a nap with Gabe, while Brian made sprinkle pancakes for Amelia. We played outside, listened to music, took Harley for a walk, and just enjoyed the day around the house. It was actually quite nice not to be rushing anywhere or doing anything! 

Tell me: how was your long weekend? What's new with you?


  1. Amelia needs a shirt that says, "will smile for fries." I wish I could bribe Phil to smile for photos like that. Ha. He HATES getting his picture taken! I hope the transition to having Amelia with you 4 days goes as smoothly as it can. Gabe seems like a pretty chill baby - at least from the pictures! He's such a cutie. I have a friend that has a son who turned 2 in June and they also had twins that month. I do NOT know how she does it! Because even managing a 2 year old and one baby seems like a lot (at least to a person like me who does not have kids!!) Their son goes to daycare full time, though.

    It wasn't a long weekend for us but we had a nice weekend. We had a friend over for dinner on Friday so we could plan our upcoming camping trip. And then the next night my aunt and uncle came over and we tested 4 recipes for Julia Child Night which is next month. Then on Sunday I canned a bunch of salsa verde with tomatillos from my garden. So I spent A LOT of time on my feet in the kitchen!!

  2. I take it you got the all-clear to start working out again? Feels so good (and hard but hard-good) to get back to it! Like 2% of me would like to have another baby but then I think: I could NOT get back in shape a 3rd time, I just couldn't do it! Haha - Good thing the other 98% that's happy with 2 kids will win out. :-)

  3. OH my gosh. That picture of her by the water...so sweet! And I want to try those edible finger paints with Aiden!

  4. You guys have really been busy and getting out and about lots even with a new little babe! I'm impressed! I had a great long weekend at home after being gone for a week. Spent lots of time with Eric before he went back to work and also got lots done around the house, so a success all around.

  5. You guys have been busy and having lots of fun. So nice to have Brian home I am sure. It;s that stage of hating their photo being taken, I remember that. Now D wants her photo take every second! But always does a ridiculous face! hA



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