Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Body & mind after baby V2: Three month update

You can find my one month update here.

Body update 

 One month post partum

Three months post partum

I don't know if it's like this for anyone else, but the weight is so much harder to get off this time! It might be the combination of being tired, and not always choosing the best foods to eat. I know I am active enough, but it's just hanging on. I started to be conscious of what I was eating throughout the day (meaning less treats and more fruit/vegetables), and the scale finally started moving.

In terms of exercise, I started again around 6 weeks post partum. I workout 5-6 times a week by either running or doing at home workouts (lots of Fitness Blender, 21 day fix or Kayla Itsines workouts), and then walking Harley. The best part is that Amelia asks to do workouts with me in the morning now :)

I luckily didn't have the night sweats this time, which I am so glad about! My linea nigra is getting fainter and not so noticeable. The hair loss has started and I hate this stage. Wait, I hate the regrowth stage even more. Tiny hairs all over my head that can't be controlled is the worst. 

Mind update 

This is really hard for me to admit and talk about, but I had MAJOR anxiety towards the end of August as Brian was heading back to work. So much so that I was feeling physically sick and not like myself at all. With Amelia being in the dayhome in July, then Brian being off in August, I didn't have both of the kids for more than a couple hours at a time. I was so, so nervous about having them both alone as they both need help in their own ways. How was I going to manage everything? How was I going to feed Gabe while Amelia wanted to play or do something specifically with me? Basically I dreaded every day before Brian went back to work. 

Luckily, this past month has gone fairly well. Way better than I thought it was going to! Amelia has been good if I am feeding Gabe- she will come ask what I'm doing and gets excited to see Gabe when I'm done feeding. I've found that as long as we get out of the house in the morning, the day goes much better. Which is funny to me because I felt like I was so scared to leave the house when Amelia was a baby. There have definitely been days that were worse than others (ie: my patience level is in the minus level and Amelia isn't listening), but so far I've enjoyed being at home with Amelia and Gabe. It's also been good for Amelia (and me!) to go to the day home one day a week- she enjoys it so much and I like having the one on one time with Gabe.  

I also have to keep reminding myself that I can't get everything done in the day. So our house is a little messier, things take me longer to do, but that's okay. It's the season of life we are in and before I know it, Gabe will be walking and talking!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Scenes from the week + end

Happy Monday everyone! For a weekend with barely any plans, it was a good one!

Monday: I mentioned last week that my cousin was in town for a visit (she arrived the day before). Amelia had a follow up appointment at the paedatrician, so I took her to that and my cousin hung out with Gabe at my house (way easier than taking two kids alone!). After her appointment, we went to Bowness Park where Amelia convinced Akiko to throw lots of rocks in the river with her. 

While Amelia napped in the afternoon, we pretty much hung out watching tv and catching up.

Tuesday: Amelia had her second early explorers program, so I dropped her off at that. She was so excited to show us her craft when I picked her up even if she doesn't look too excited in the picture. 

After her class, we went to the mall to look around and have some lunch. Amelia decided not to nap in the afternoon, so we headed out for a walk in the sunshine. Brian got home from work a bit early so we could head out to the Riverside Spa for massages- I haven't had one in so long and it was heaven! After our appointments, we went for dinner at Joey's which was nice to have some time to talk without the kids. Thanks Brian for taking care of the kids :)

Wednesday: my cousin flew out early in the morning, so Brian took her to the airport. Amelia's dayhome was open again (it was closed the week before as our dayhome provider hurt her ankle), so we walked over there. She was so excited to take her lunch bag that my cousin got her! I asked her what she wanted to put in it and she said apple, banana and sandwich- so cute!

After dropped her off, Gabe and I kept walking as he had fallen asleep. We had a quiet morning before deciding to head to my work to visit and get a prescription filled for Amelia. Brian had a work thing that evening, so it was solo bedtime for me which actually went really well. Both kids were in bed before 8pm and I even got a workout in after they went down.

Thursday: my friend that I met at the airport invited us over, so we headed to her house around 10am. It was a miserable day out (wind, rain and snow), so it was nice to be inside letting the kids tire each other out. We stayed for lunch and then headed home in time for Amelia to nap. 

Friday: in the morning, we went to the Running Room to pick up my shoes that I had ordered before heading to the library to play and pick out some new books. Otherwise, we had a pretty quiet day.

Saturday: in the morning, I went to the clothing sale that our neighbourhood community centre hosts. I was looking for some sleepers for Gabe, but didn't have any luck. Did manage to get a bunch of other stuff for the kids though, so it wasn't a bust. Once I was home, we headed out to the mall to pick up phone cases (we both got new phones), and a birthday gift. In the afternoon, Brian's mom came down for a visit, so we spent the afternoon hanging out (well, Brian and I also took turns going for a run and Amelia didn't nap).

Sunday: in the morning, we drove out to Bragg Creek to Kamp Kiwanis to check out their apple festival (one of Brian's co-workers is involved and told us about it). Amelia loved the bouncy castle and getting her face painted. 

I had been wanting to go to Elbow Falls for a while, and since we were out that way, we decided to make the drive after the festival. It was a gorgeous day, and Amelia loved throwing rocks in the river. 

Brian's mom left in the afternoon, and Amelia didn't want to nap again, so we went into the backyard to rake some leaves and clean it up.

Tell me: how was your weekend?

Friday, September 22, 2017

{gabriel}: three months

Blanket from Eevoudig Simple Unique
You can find his previous posts here:
One month
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Brian and I keep saying that we can't believe three months has already gone by and that it feels like Gabe has been in our family longer than that!

Weight/length: he was weighed at the end of August at his vaccination appointment, but I didn't write down all of the information. I know he was 12lbs 4oz, but I can't remember how long he was. I know with his length and height, he was in the 15th percentile. He's so long! 

Hair/eyes: still super blonde hair and super blue eyes

Diaper/clothes: he's still in size 1 diapers and is wearing a mix of 3 months, 3-6 months and 6 month clothes. The 3 month stuff is slowly being put away.

  • splashing in the bathtub. I put just a bit of water in it, and lay him on his back. He loves it!
  • eating
  • his sister- oh man, he watches her and will always give her the biggest smiles!
  • standing with assistance 
  • pooping- I swear he is always pooping!

  • if you wait 2 minutes too long to rock him to sleep
  • being put in the car seat and not immediately leaving the house

Eating: he eats after each nap and then whenever else he wants it depending on the day. We are still trying to give him bottles, but have been slacking lately. We need to get better about it because he can be so slow to drink it when we do give him one.

Sleeping: let's just say we don't have a baby that likes to sleep for double digit hours at night. There were a few rough nights as he got a cold from his sister, so he was super stuffed up.

We did move him from the bassinet into the crib in his own room now that Amelia is in her big girl room. I haven't really been working on him having naps in his crib yet, as I find it hard when we are on the go in the morning. Must get better at that! He normally naps in the car seat, swing or my arms during the day. He is swaddled at night still, but he was getting too strong for the velcro ones, so I bought one of these. Well, I got it used just in case he didn't like it, but he seems too so far. I like that the arms can zip open too once we think he will stop waking himself up with his hands.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Catching up

I'm not even going to apologize for sucking at blogging- I was going to sit down on the weekend and then ran out of time. Then my cousin came for visit from BC and hanging out with her was more fun :)

 Bundling up for a chilly walk

 Splashing in puddles
A smile cookie to support the NICU's
 So serious for her first haircut- she did so well!

 When we walked into the hair place, another kid had a sucker so she was focused on getting one of her own after her hair cut!

After her hair cut, we decided to go to the library and they were having a colossal play date with all of this shredded paper and rice. It was my idea of a nightmare if it was in my house, but good thing it wasn't! I met another mom there that had a baby the exact same day and the same hospital as when I had Gabe. What are the odds?!

My boss made the quilt the kids are laying on (she made one for Amelia too), so I took some pictures to send to her to say thank you

Harley and I went for a chilly (it was only 1C) morning run on the weekend

Going down the blow up slide at the harvest festival in our neighbourhood

 Sunday morning adventures while Brian was biking

Throwing rocks at Bowness Park with my cousin. I was chopped liver to Amelia while she was here

 She may not look excited, but she had fun at her second early explorers class
My cousin bought Amelia the lunch box and she was so excited about it! She insisted on taking it to the day home with her yesterday

Gabe and I had the day to ourselves, so we hung out in the morning and then went to see my co-workers

Views on our morning walk

 Tell me: what's new with you?

Monday, September 11, 2017

Scenes from the week + end

Happy Monday everyone! We had a fun weekend even if it was a little short in the sleep department thanks to two certain children. 

Tuesday:  I had to take Gabe to an appointment at the Children's Hospital in the morning, and couldn't get Amelia into the dayhome, so she came with us. Silly me thought the appointment was at 9:45am, but it was actually at 10:45am, so we ended up having some time to kill. They were luckily good and were able to get us in early, and Gabe didn't end up needing the small procedure, which was even better! After the appointment, we headed home and spent the rest of the morning playing before nap time. 

Wednesday: Amelia goes to the dayhome on Wednesday's, and wanted me to take her, so I walked her there (it's just under 10 minutes walk from our house) with Gabe. 

The rest of the day was spent running errands (so much easier with one child!), working out, and making Gabe smile. It's nice to have the one on one time with him.

Thursday:  we had a slow morning as I wasn't feeling 100%, but decided we needed to get out of the house. We headed to check out the helicopter park (just off 5th avenue NW), and randomly ran into Alison & the kids there! So random, but nice to catch up with them!

Friday: it was pretty smokey out this day from the wildfires, but had plans to head to the zoo with some of the moms from our baby class. I decided to still go as we could spend time inside the exhibits or head home if it was too bad. Luckily, it wasn't too bad and the zoo wasn't too busy which was awesome. It was nice seeing the ladies and their kids as it had been awhile.

Saturday: Brian had bike plans with Justin and some friends, so it was just the kids and I in the morning. I loaded them up along with Harley and went for a run which was just a wee bit of work ;)

In the late afternoon, we headed to Alison and Justin's house for a BBQ. Minus Amelia being super grumpy for a bit because she had to poop, it was a nice night. They made us a delicious dinner and the kids had fun playing together. 

Sunday: after a rough night of sleep, we had a pretty slow morning. Alison picked me up around 10:30am, and we headed out for brunch with the girls as Jen was back in town for a quick visit. Always nice to get out of the house, see the girls, and have time to chat without being interrupted by kids. Once I was home, we traded off so Brian could get some lunch and change the oil in the car. 

Tell me: how was your weekend?


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