Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Body & mind after baby V2: Three month update

You can find my one month update here.

Body update 

 One month post partum

Three months post partum

I don't know if it's like this for anyone else, but the weight is so much harder to get off this time! It might be the combination of being tired, and not always choosing the best foods to eat. I know I am active enough, but it's just hanging on. I started to be conscious of what I was eating throughout the day (meaning less treats and more fruit/vegetables), and the scale finally started moving.

In terms of exercise, I started again around 6 weeks post partum. I workout 5-6 times a week by either running or doing at home workouts (lots of Fitness Blender, 21 day fix or Kayla Itsines workouts), and then walking Harley. The best part is that Amelia asks to do workouts with me in the morning now :)

I luckily didn't have the night sweats this time, which I am so glad about! My linea nigra is getting fainter and not so noticeable. The hair loss has started and I hate this stage. Wait, I hate the regrowth stage even more. Tiny hairs all over my head that can't be controlled is the worst. 

Mind update 

This is really hard for me to admit and talk about, but I had MAJOR anxiety towards the end of August as Brian was heading back to work. So much so that I was feeling physically sick and not like myself at all. With Amelia being in the dayhome in July, then Brian being off in August, I didn't have both of the kids for more than a couple hours at a time. I was so, so nervous about having them both alone as they both need help in their own ways. How was I going to manage everything? How was I going to feed Gabe while Amelia wanted to play or do something specifically with me? Basically I dreaded every day before Brian went back to work. 

Luckily, this past month has gone fairly well. Way better than I thought it was going to! Amelia has been good if I am feeding Gabe- she will come ask what I'm doing and gets excited to see Gabe when I'm done feeding. I've found that as long as we get out of the house in the morning, the day goes much better. Which is funny to me because I felt like I was so scared to leave the house when Amelia was a baby. There have definitely been days that were worse than others (ie: my patience level is in the minus level and Amelia isn't listening), but so far I've enjoyed being at home with Amelia and Gabe. It's also been good for Amelia (and me!) to go to the day home one day a week- she enjoys it so much and I like having the one on one time with Gabe.  

I also have to keep reminding myself that I can't get everything done in the day. So our house is a little messier, things take me longer to do, but that's okay. It's the season of life we are in and before I know it, Gabe will be walking and talking!


  1. I thought it was much harder to lose the weight after the 2nd kid as well. It happened pretty naturally after Swede but with Abel I had to make a conscious decision at about six months to step it up.
    So glad that the transition to home with two has gone better than you expected! Sometimes I feel that the dread that I feel leading up to something potentially difficult is worse than the actual thing once I get to it.

  2. I am STILL at the regrowth stage. I lost hair after weaning and for some reason it wont stop growing back now lol.
    I am happy September has gone good for you guys. I found the key to my sanity after my kids was getting out of the house every darn day. Even if it felt like a pain everyone did better.
    Avery tested my patience daily on mat leave. It was a rough 6 months or so with her. I wish she had somewhere to go one day a week as that might have helped!

  3. So I am losing a crazy amount of hair DURING pregnancy, does that mean maybe I won't lose any postpartum? Or will I lose even MORE?? Lol.

    I can totally see why you'd have so much anxiety about Brian going back to the work. It would be HARD to have two little kids at home on your own especially since you live somewhere that you don't have immediate family around. That is one really lucky thing for me is we have a TON of family on both sides to help support us after this baby comes. I know that not everyone is so lucky so I definitely won't take that for granted (and will also try to not get annoyed with them if/when they become overbearing ;) )

  4. We have to get out of the house everyday, as well! I was the same way with my Amelia, I didn't even take her to the grocery store or church until she was at least 6 weeks old. Jack started going places during his first week of life, and I don't feel nervous about it this time. I'm glad that things are going well for you!

  5. Aw, I appreciate hearing all the details as we think about a #2. I think you look great! I assume it will be much harder for me to get the baby weight off the next time too. In the last year I feel like my belly has just increased now that I'm not nursing and despite the fact that I'm working out fairly hard. I now feel bad for previously wondering why moms couldn't get their bodies back. It's just not very realistic for most women. I'm sorry that you had anxiety, but it's great to hear that everything went better than you expected. Hang in there, mama!

  6. I think you look wonderful, but I know we are our own worst critics. I am dreading taking the weight off after the baby comes as I am nervous that it won't come off easily, even though I plan to breast feed. But I will just have to see how it goes. I'm glad the baby is due in March as the worst of winter is behind us so we'll be able to go for lots of walks (hopefully!).

    I can understand why you were anxious to have both kids most of the time. I am glad that the past month has gone pretty well all in all. I bet that day of one on one time with Gabe when Amelia is at daycare is great!

  7. Does the hair loss ever stop!?? Gah. You look great. Getting out of the house was key for us and my sanity. I had to break the no driving rule early because of it. But even just our dog walks helped all 3 of us for sure and Cruz was happy too! You're doing great, your house will never be as clean as you want it to be, I am learning to let go! :)



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