Friday, October 13, 2017

Five on Friday

Hello Friday! So happy to see you here. We actually had a good week in terms of not many melt downs and things we did. Though having Brian home with us is always nice :)

{one} I was doing a workout on Tuesday, and Amelia wanted to join in with me. I didn't realize that she had come up behind me (I was laying on the ground doing a move), and I elbowed her right in the nose. Poor girl got an instant bloody nose and I felt so bad. Luckily, all was good once I got her a new outfit and cleaned her up.

{two} I can't believe it's already the middle of October! That means it's my birthday soon and that I really need to get on Christmas shopping. What's the "cool" toys this year? I find buying stuff for our nieces and nephew hard- I'd rather get them an experience than more toys, but it's hard to come up with ideas.  

{three} I haven't posted much about it lately, but we still meal plan every week. I find it helps us from scrambling to figure out what to have that night and to cut down on the number of trips to the grocery store. We've also been doing click-n-collect lately, which is a huge help.  I always like trying recipes that others have tried, so here are some that we've had recently:

Sweet potato turkey shephards pie 
Maple soy glazed salmon 
Chicken pot pie soup (you were right Lindsey- it's pretty good!) 
Brussel sprouts and sweet potato noodle bowl

{four} I won a giveaway for a sensory table on Facebook, and it arrived the other night. Super excited to try it out with Amelia! I also ordered some water beads, which I've heard good things about. For those of you who have one, what is your favourite activity to do with it? Looking for ideas to keep Amelia entertained while Gabe naps.

{five} have a great weekend everyone!


  1. That sensory table is cool!! We tried the water beads or orbeez - the same thing I think and as long as you don't break them or it's good. Might be best to do them outside for that reason haha. Noah also tried eating them and throwing them haha. But they are fun!!

  2. Maddy has used orbeez for a pedicure and puts them in a bowl and puts her feet in them!
    I am having a really hard time with gifts this year too - I tried to start Christmas shopping but don't know what to get them.

  3. That is the worse when you accidentally hurt them!
    I find buying kids things hard period. I cannot even handle the thought of more toys lol. This year for birthdays we did a family day trip instead for that reason!
    Glad you liked the soup! How was the Shepard's pie?

  4. I'm struggling so much with Christmas gift ideas this year. I'm already stumped, and all Isla says she wants is a soccer ball, lol. I guess that makes things easier!

  5. What a bummer that you accidentally elbowed Amelia! Sucks when things like that happen that are totally accidental. Sounds like she bounced back well - you've got a tough girl on your hands!

    I can't believe it's mid-October already. We have really cut back on Christmas gifts so it makes holiday shopping so much easier. For my parents, we adopt a local family. We still have to shop for them, but it feels different shopping for a family in need. Plus last year the family we sponsored asked for winter clothes so it made us feel like sponsoring a family was a really good decision (although it made us sad that they weren't in the position to ask for anything fun and needed winter essentials). Phil and I don't exchange gifts and I only get books for my nieces and nephews (I'm not the most fun aunt but they get soooo many toys!). I love experience gifts and want to try to come up with one for my MIL. Last year we got her tickets to a musical so we might try to do that again. I'd like to find something I could do with her but with the baby due in March I don't want to commit to anything unless I can find something in January or February!

  6. Aw poor Amelia! My kids get a bum squat to the face all the time. Ry went flying when he was little once! ha Gifts are so hard. I always ask the parents for ideas. I like buying them new backpacks, slippers, bathing suits if they need them.

  7. That chicken pot pie soup looks great! I used to make pot pie all the time and one of the hard parts is the pie crust, so it's a great idea to make it into a soup. We used to always make chicken/turkey and dumplings out of our leftover meat, which is probably pretty similar as well!



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