Monday, October 16, 2017

Scenes from the week + end

Happy Monday everyone! We had a good week last week, so let's see what we were up to:

Tuesday: Amelia had her class in the morning, and after it, we went to pick up a couple things for Gabe that I was buying from a buy and sell group. It was near a park that we hadn't been to yet, so we stopped to check it out. 

Wednesday: Amelia was at the day home, so Gabe and I had a super quiet day at home. I cleaned the floors, and the bathroom, and did a workout. We also went to vote in the advance voting as I figured voting day would be pretty busy.  It was kind of nice not to do much during the day. 

All bundled up to walk to pick up Amelia
Thursday: we ventured down to East Village to join Tara's (aka Top Knot Mommy on IG) babes with babes workout class. Amelia ended up being the only toddler there, but she still did great. She helped Tara demonstrate moves and cheered us on. After the class, we stopped by to check out the other mural they were working on when we found the puppy dog mural last week. They finished and it's pretty amazing!

Friday: we headed to the library for our weekly trip to get some new books. When we got there, a story time was just starting, so we joined in and Amelia loved it! She got right up to the front and was singing/dancing along. 

Saturday: we had no plans for the day, and since it was nice out, decided to head out to Cobb's adventure park after reading Alison's post about it.  We got there around noon and thought it would be busier, but it wasn't too bad. It ended up being pretty windy, but we luckily brought lots of layers. We only bought tickets to see the kangaroos, and none of the other paid attractions, but it was fine for Amelia. She LOVED the bouncy castles and could have stayed there all day. She also loved the potato sack slide and laughed her head off going down every time. Well worth the cost of admission!

Sunday: in the morning, I took Harley for a run and then did some yard work (aka raked up the crazy amount of leaves in the backyard).  We spent the rest of the morning just hanging out at home. In the late afternoon, we had a totally last minute photo shoot with Delle of T07 photography. She was photographing our neighbours and happened to have some free time afterwards. Can't wait to see how they turned out! After our photo shoot, Brian made us a delicious steak dinner!


  1. Smart on advance voting! I am sure I will be in line tonight lol.
    Can't wait to see your photos!!

  2. Those kangaroos are so cute!! Did you know that kangaroos are usually terribly aggressive? I learned that when I studied in Australia. The ones in the zoos have been domesticated/tamed, but the ones in the wild could kill you if you approached them! That was so surprising to me as I always thought of them as this cute and cuddly animal! There tons of them on our campus so it was fun to watch them jump across campus!

    That steak dinner looks amazing! And those murals are works of art. That is so cool that you have so many murals in your city!!

  3. That's fun you had an impromptu photo shoot! How random!
    Glad you had a good week and weekend. And you had fun at Cobbs. We didn't do any of the bouncy castles so definitely want to get back and do more. Did Gabe go with you?

  4. Looks like a great week! It's so great you can walk to Amelia's dayhome! I bet this maternity leave is looking wayyyy different than your last one since Amelia is so busy - you guys are out and about so much!!

    Agreed with Lisa, that steak dinner looks super yum and makes me want one!! haha



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