Monday, October 2, 2017

Scenes from the week + end

I'm typing this post up on Sunday night and as of right now, they were is a snowstorm warning for southern Alberta tomorrow. Calgary is supposed to get around 10cms of snow, but let's hope it doesn't actually come! 

Monday: I actually have no recollection of what we did this day at all. I think we kept it low key as I was trying to work on getting Gabe to nap in the crib, which meant more time at home.

Tuesday: Amelia had her third early explorers program in the morning, so I dropped her off and then Gabe and I went to run a couple errands. An hour sounds like a lot of time, but it really isn't! After her class, we stayed at our community club so she could play at the playground.

Wednesday: Gabe and I walked Amelia over to the day home in the morning, and then headed home as I told our neighbours we would be home in case the arborists came (they had to be gone for a bit in the morning, and they didn't give us a time of when they were showing up). The previous owners planted some trees too close to the house, so we were getting it removed plus trimming some other trees that were hitting our neighbour's house. They still weren't here just after lunch, so I decided to head out to pick something up that I had bought and then we stopped in Bowness Park for a walk since it was so gorgeous out!

Thursday: in the morning, we headed out to Bragg Creek to have a play date with a friend from work and her two girls. The community centre sets up the gym with toys and a bouncy castle for the kids for $5, which was perfect! The girls had fun, and we got to catch up.  Amelia decided to not nap that afternoon, so we headed outside to play in the leaves. 

They were pretending to be a bear
Friday: in the morning, we headed downtown to Eau Claire to meet Brie + Sully and Emmy for a play date. It got off to a rough start as Amelia tripped on the way to the playground and ended up with a fat lip. Luckily, she bounced back and had fun playing in the leaves with Sully! Though I somehow ended up being the recipient of the leaves being thrown at me ;)

Saturday: Brian and Justin went for a bike ride in the morning, so I did a workout while Gabe had a nap and then we took Harley for a short walk. In the afternoon, we headed over to Alison's house for Delainey's birthday party. I didn't take many pictures of the decorations, but Alison killed it once again! Thanks for having us :)

Sunday: I was out of the house bright and early to meet up with Brie and Ange to do an Orange Theory Fitness workout (I had #fomo when they were talking about it the day before). It was a great workout! I got home around 10:30am, and traded off with Brian so he could do some yard work. The rest of the day was spent doing stuff around the house, finally organizing the garage so we can park in it (since the snow is COMING!), and video chatting with some blogging ladies for Amber's virtual shower. 

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. It was so great to see you and visit with you yesterday. Thanks for joining :) What did you think of orange theory?? My friend who lives in Calgary raves about it. I really want to try it but we don't have one up here and the one in Kamloops was opening just as I moved. I've heard it's an amazing workout but super pricey.

    Amelia is just so darn cute, I love her little facial expressions. Those photos of your fall walk are so gorgeous. I wish fall wasn't such a short season around here, I love all the pretty leaves so much.

  2. Last week was so nice out! And now the snow - yuck! I love all your fall photos too! Hope you guys are doing good!

  3. It was great to see you on Sunday! And to see Gabe for a bit, too. I hope this whole not napping thing is a brief trend as she seems to young to skip naps - and for your sake I imagine you want her to nap so you get a break! That said I know my mom said I was a terrible napper and stopped taking them around 2. All I can think is - my poor mom! I was the 4th child so she had her hands full...

    I can't believe you guys are getting snow. Yuck. It's been torrentially downpouring here but I guess I will not complain about that as I will take rain over snow - especially in early October!!

  4. I miss those beautiful fall days! Sounds like a great week and weekend! Thanks for coming to the party!



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