Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Scenes from the week + end

Happy Tuesday everyone! Did you have a nice Thanksgiving weekend? We did, and I'm pretty sure I ate way too many treats this weekend. 

Monday: we got our first snowfall of the season overnight, so we had a quiet day hanging out at home. Amelia kept asking to go outside, so we bundled up and headed out. She loved it! Gabe and I didn't love it as much. We also baked cookies and painted Amelia's nails while Gabe napped.

Amelia fought her nap in the afternoon, so I bundled the kids up to head to the library, and of course they both fell asleep two minutes from the library. Ah well. I ended up dropping off our books and then drove home to hang out in the garage while they napped.

Tuesday: Amelia had her class in the morning, so Gabe and I ran to the dollar store to pick up some craft supplies during it. Other than that, I can't remember what else we did.

Wednesday: we walked Amelia over to the day home in the morning, and then had a quiet morning at home. In the afternoon, we ran to Once Upon a Child and the mall for a couple things. I also went to a Orange Theory Fitness class that night while Brian hung out with our neighbour watching the hockey game.

Thursday: Amelia had an appointment at the pediatrician in the morning, which ended up being quicker than I thought. When we got home, our neighbours daughter was outside, so the kids played for a bit before lunch. Like I mentioned on IG, I'm so glad we moved to our street and have great neighbours. 

Amelia decided not to nap again in the afternoon, so we did some crafts while Gabe napped. 

Friday: it was a semi nice day out, so I decided to take the kids to the zoo. It ended up being a bit colder than I expected, but we still had fun. Amelia loves the animals, so I'm glad we got a seasons pass. 

Since we were going by it on our way home, I decided to find the rainbow wall to show Amelia. We ended up getting a little lost (aka I have the worst sense of direction though I was close!) on the way there, and ended up finding this cool dog mural. 

Saturday: we packed up the car and made the drive up to Edmonton in the morning. Gabe slept almost the whole way there except for the last ten minutes.  We didn't do much except hang out at Brian's parents house and I took Harley for a long walk.

Sunday: in the morning, Brian took the kids to see his grandma so I had some time to myself, so I did a quick workout before stuffing myself at dinner. Before dinner at my BIL and SIL's house, I convinced Brian to play IG husband and he took some pictures of us at a cool mural wall. 

Monday: we made the drive home in the morning and both kids fell asleep, which was wonderful.  The rest of the day was spent walking Harley, playing with the kids and just hanging out at home.

When it's sunny and you want to nap, haha

Tell me: how was your week/weekend?


  1. Man that is a lot of snow! But it looks like it is all melted now?? We got snow last October 1 but it STAYED. It did somewhat melt off the roads but I remember going for a hike in 1/2 a foot of snow last Thanksgiving weekend. Oh life in Canada! So this year I was especially grateful for beautiful sunny skies up here!!

    All the mural walls in Calgary / Edmonton are so cool! My mom has two french bulldogs so would LOVE that french bulldog one haha

  2. Dang you got quite the dumping! I am glad it melted right away! I am just not ready for snow! We *usually* don't get it until around our Thanksgiving in late November so hopefully it holds off until then!

    I love that rainbow wall - that is so cool! It seems like you guys have so many murals in your city. I can't really think of any in Minneapolis but maybe I just don't know about them!

    We had a great weekend. It went by so fast as Friday/Saturday were pretty busy but Sunday was more low key. I fully enjoyed the 2 hour nap that I took on the couch!!

  3. That sounds like my mat leave, fight naps to get into the car and fall asleep in .2 secs ;)
    I love that rainbow tunnel!
    So great that your neighbours have kids the same age, ours are great but they are older.
    Too cute with Gabe in the doll stroller - he is always so smiley!!

  4. There are so many cool mural walls up there! There is one wall in my town that gets repainted every couple months but I don't love any of the murals they have done so far.
    Gabe is just too cute! I love the photo of the kids together in their PJs. And the one of Amelia in the kangaroo pouch! (Just realized I didn't know how to spell kangaroo...)

  5. I remember many naps in the garage or driving around when D was wanting to quit napping! I am glad all that snow it gone! Sounds like a good weekend away!



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