Monday, January 29, 2018

Scenes from the week + end

I can't believe it's already the end of January! Wasn't it just Christmas? We had a quieter week last week as both of the kids had colds/runny noses. And poor Gabe is getting three teeth at once, so he was extra clingy/fussy. Plus the weather turned cold and bundling kids up to go out isn't much fun.

We spent some time outside before the weather turned cold so Amelia could ride her scooter that she got for her birthday. 

I usually work out while Gabe has his morning nap, and took off my tank top as I was hot. Amelia insisted on wearing it :) 

We spent Tuesday morning at home and I really wanted to get out of the house in the afternoon, so that meant Amelia fell asleep in the stroller on our walk. 

Mister trouble (aka Gabe) loves to beeline it for Harley's dish the second you put him down to crawl on our main floor. I've cleaned up water a lot lately, haha.

He is impossible to take pictures of now as he doesn't sit still long enough!

Amelia insists on picking out her outfits now, so this was her choice. Blue shirt, purple pants, and green rain boots on the wrong feet 

On Thursday night, I met up with Nicole at the winter warrior challenge put on by Saucony and the Tech shop. It consisted of running to three different locations and doing a fitness challenge at each location (ie: burpees, lunges, etc). We ended up getting SUPER lost from the first station, but still managed to run 5kms, so it wasn't all lost. And I won a hat!

Walks with Harley in the sunshine

Cuddles on dad when you just won't nap long enough

On Saturday, I braved the freezing cold weather to run my first trail race in the coulees in Tuscany (super close to my house). I decided to do the 4km route instead of the 8km route and am glad I did. The wind was wicked and I need to buy some better spikes. I had fun though!

Cuddles and giggles with mom (don't mind the crazy post run hair and no make up)

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. Those trail conditions look tough! Good call on doing the 4km since this was your first trail race and it was cold and windy! You are a trooper!

    I think you look great sans make up with post-run hair! :) I never wear make up anymore now that I am not going into the office. :) I was reading through people's packing lists for the hospital and a lot of people list make up and that is the last thing I'll be thinking about. I am sure I'll look pretty awful in photos but oh well - the baby will be the focal point. ;)

    My weekend kind of sucked... but that's to be expected with a hospital stay. I got discharged on Saturday so that was nice as being in the hospital sucks. I'm still in the same amount of pain as it will take a couple of weeks for my body to absorb the blood clot but it's tolerable as long as I am icing it. I'm definitely glad that January is almost over and that I just have to make it through 4 more weeks of pregnancy!

  2. You look extremely bad-ass in the race photo - Like a winter warrior ninja! :-) Super cool that you did that!
    Gabe is SO ADORABLE!

  3. Having nice weather and being able to get out makes days so much better!
    You have been doing some fun races! Do you think you will do more trail runs? I have though about a trail race, I have only done ones where it is maybe 1/3 to a half trail like.



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